CM Storm Reaper

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Built with premium features in mind, Reaper is constructed with a powerful and high precision 8200 DPI Avago laser sensor. Take full advantage of its wide DPI range with on-the-fly DPI switching via its dedicated Clutch key. 128KB of onboard flash memory means storing eight programmable key functions within four separate profiles. Each button has been intelligently placed throughout the Reaper's ergonomic design to be quickly and easily activated during game play.


8 Full Programmable Buttons

Reaper comes with 8 fully programmable buttons that can be saved as your favorite button assignments. The intuitively designed "cluth button" enables gamers to instantly switch to a preselected DPI setting for accurate aiming in different environments (like sniping) when held. Release the button and you are restored to your original setting.
  Designed for Comfort

The rubberized, soft touch surface paired with a premium aluminum cover and wheel makes Reaper comfortable, durable, and lightweight gaming device.
Macro Keys and Profiles

Besides basic button assignments, you can also program command sequences as macro keys and save them to 4 different profiles on the onboard memory. Once programmed, Reaper saves those profiles across different systems even without the CM Storm application installed. A perfect mouse for tournament gamers on-the-go.
  White LED Accents

The warm glow of white LED lighting peers through the groove in the palm rest and in the front. Access the Reaper's software to toggle lighting effects between modes such as a menacing breathing effect or "rapid fire" (reactive lighting) mode.
Customizable Aluminum Plate

The removable aluminum cover is anodized and electrically plated for a high quality look and feel. Its aluminum palm rest functions as an excellent passive cooler for your hand to help avoid sweaty palms during intense gaming moments.




Model SGM-6002-KLLW1
Design Palm Design
Material Plastic / Aluminum / Rubber
Sensor Avago 9800
DPI 8200
Switch Life Omron 5 million clicks
Onboard Memory 128k
Inch Per Second 150
Max. Acceleration 30g
LED Color White
Cable Length 1.8m/ 5.75 feet Braided cable
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102020704