Stacker 830 SE w/ Real Power Pro 1000 SLI
RC-830-KKR3-GP (Discontinued)

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Cross fan provides effective heat dissipation 120mm top fan (optional)
Airflow holes on M/B tray 120 mm system fans in the front and rear
Multi-function side fan brack (fan optional) Bottom air inlet
Key Features
Value-added Functionalities
Front panel opens to the left or the right for easy access
Power supply may be installed upwards or downwards for better airflow and neat cable management
Unmatchable Upgradeability
Supports up to nine 5.25” drives
Multi-positioning for the 4-in-3 device modules, providing maximum flexibility in the use of space
Tool-free User-friendliness
Screw-less slots
Exclusive fan frame design provides easy screw-less assembly
Side-opening design for easy removal of 5.25” shield
Superior Airflow
Accommodates up to nine 120mm fans
High ventilation openings on the top and the sides for excellent thermal management
Elegant & Robust Design
The balance brought out by elegant silver and sleek black colors enrich the appearance

Value-added Functionality

Dual I/O panal in front and top

Retaining holes for liquid cooling kit

Aluminum 4-in-3 device module


Support WD raptor HDD rack (HDD optional)

Support EPS 12V power supply
Tool-free Installation

Side fan bracket

Tool-free installation

User-friendly mechanical design


Model RC-830-KKR3-GP
Available Color Black ( Black Mesh)
Dimension (W)250mmx(H)536mmx(D)638mm
Material Aluminum
Motherboards E-ATX, ATX, m-ATX, BTX, m-BTX,
5.25" Drive Bay 9 (Exposed)
3.5" Drive Bay 4 (Hidden) from 1 x 4-in-3 Device Module
I/O Panel Dual I/O Panel in Front and Top USB 2.0x4
Cooling System One 120x120x25 mm Front Fan (LED)
Expansion Slots 7
Power Supply Real Power Pro 1000W (RS-A00-EMBA) included
UPC Code 870423006435
Warranty 5 year (psu) 2 year (case)
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    • Click logo to read full review: : August 2008

      Our friends at Cooler Master gave us a hand and provided the case and the PSU for this review. We used the Cooler Master Stacker 830 and the new Real Power Pro 1250W PSU as they were both of a caliber worthy of this system. This is a beast of a PSU and its power cord is industrial strength, no seriously it is like the cord from a high BTU air conditioner, big beefy and strong. There are numerous pin-type connections to be had, and enough for both dual SLI cards and CrossFire jobbers, including both the 6 and 8 pin connectors used in the new ATI 3870 X2. This PSU never failed us, even with all of our mods, VGA cards and multiple fans connected.

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      Enthusiast - Gold Award : August 2008

      The overall build quality of the Cooler Master Real Power Pro was very similar to the Real Power Pro 1250w, but the Real Power Pro 1000w is improved. While the unit’s primary side features Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors on both units the secondary side of the Real Power Pro 1250w was a virtual grab bag of less than desirable capacitors including Su 'scon and unidentifiable brands. The Real Power Pro 1000w fixed this by replacing this grab bag with a full complement of better Teapo capacitors. Beyond that the build quality of the unit was very good with an excellent heatsink and fan setup that is more than capable of cooling the unit while being very quiet at the same time. Additionally, the unit’s cabling, fit, and finish were excellent. The cables are all well sleeved to the end of the cable, which many companies skip. The PSU has more than enough connectors for even the most high end of systems which is fitting for the Stacker 830SE chassis.

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      OCIA - Approved : August 2008

      First I will cover the CSX aspect of the case, that being the paint job, absolutely incredible.

      As I said earlier, each CSX case is numbered in a series, making it an instant collectible. Since each case is hand painted, no two cases are exactly alike, ensuring you have a truly unique item. A Certificate of Authenticity is also included with your purchase.

      My only issue with the paint, which isn't really an issue at all... it's just so nice, that I am scared to even touch it without a microfiber cloth (gloves would have been a nice addition).

      I really liked the fact that caster wheels were included with this case. This makes moving the system around on my desk effortless and adds an extra inch or so of ground clearance; perfect for those who will put the case on a carpeted floor.

      I really liked the fact that caster wheels were included with this case. This makes moving the system around on my desk effortless and adds an extra inch or so of ground clearance; perfect for those who will put the case on a carpeted floor.

      As you would expect, a case (or any product) with a paint job of this caliber isn't going to be cheap. has awarded the CSX Wraith our Seal of Approval for its absolutely breathtaking artwork!

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