Real Power Pro 850w
RS-850-EMBA (Discontinued)

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In order to satisfy more customers’ demand for high-end PSU, Cooler Master is announcing the new series of PSU-Real Power Pro to continue Real Power series’ well reputation. It complies with the newest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3 and SSI standard EPS 12V V2.91 simultaneously. In addition to the stable and clean power, the advanced features of this Power Supply include Quad GPU compatibility, Quad CPU support, and 85% efficiency rating. With the world's first technology of six +12V rails, Real Power Pro is destined to be a spectacular performer, especially for workstation and high-end graphic card system, which includes 4 connectors for the most powerful PCI Express VGA Card.

135mm silent fan (<16dBA) with exclusive fan grid All cable completely sleeved for neat management and airflow improvement Honey combs structure & power failure detector High quality electroplating

Connector Solutions

24 pin Montherboard Connector x 1

4 pin + 12V CPU Connector x 1

8 pin + 12V CPU Connector x 1

6 pin PCI-e Connector x 4

8 pin PCI-e Connector x 2

S-ATA Connector x 8

4 pin Peripheral Connector x 6

4 pin Floppy Connector x 2
1. World's first six +12V rails for better power distribution in Quad-SLI and 2 ways server system
2. Two 8 pin PCI-e, four 6 pin PCI-e connectors offer great future upgradeability
3. Compliance with the newest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3
4. Compliance with the newest SSI standard EPS 12V V2.91
5. Ultra-silent operation with intelligent 135mm fan speed control (<16dBA)
6. Eco-design for energy and money saving by Active PFC (>0.99) / high efficiency (>85%)
7. Higher reliability (MTBF > 100,000hours)
8. Power Failure Detector will light up when Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Over-Current, Over-Loading, and Short circuit occur
Support upto 10-12pcs USB Devices
> The newest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.2 / SSI standard EPS 12V V2.91
> With 5Vsb increasing from 2A to 3.5A, it could support up to 10-12pcs USB devices
> USB devices could be charged when your PC is power off

Model RS-850-EMBA
Safety CE / cUL / TUV / NEMKO / BSMI / FCC / CCC / C-tick / GOST
Certification nVIDIA SLI / 80 Plus
Type ATX Form Factor 12V V2.3 / SSI standard EPS 12V V2.92
Dimension (W / H / D) 150(W) x 180(L) x 86(H) (mm)
Efficiency 81%(170W) / 85%(425W) / 82%(850W)
Hold Up Time >17 ms
Input Current [email protected] 115 Vac / [email protected] 230 Vac
Input Frequency Range 47~63 Hz
Input Voltage 90~264V (Auto Range)
Max. Output Capacity 1,000 Watts
MTBF >100,000 hrs
Operation Temperature 0~50??Nominal Input Voltage?
Output Capacity 850 Watts Continuous
PFC Active PFC(0.99)
Power Good Signal 100~500 ms
Protection OVP / OCP / OTP / OLP / Short / Full Protection
Fan Ultra-silent 135mm fan with intelligent speed control
Connector M/B 24 Pin Connector x 1
CPU 4 Pin x 1
CPU 8 Pin x 1
PCI-E 8 Pin x2
PCI-E 6 Pin x 4
4 Pin Peripheral x 6
SATA x 8
4 Pin Floppy x 2
Warranty 5 years
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    • Click logo to read full review: : August 2008

      + Six +12V rails
      + One large, very quiet fan
      + Sleeved cables
      + Mirror finish
      + High efficiency
      + Fairly stable and accurate voltage rails
      + Reasonably Priced

      » Details : August 2008

      What can I say about the Cooler Master 850W power supply?

      For one, I was quite impressed with its stability during CrossFire testing. It isn't often that we see a power supply that has such minor variations between its idle and load phases. That being said, the Cooler Master 850W could defiantly tame even the most demanding of rigs. Whether it be CrossFire or SLI, the Cooler Master RS-850-EMBA screams "Bring it on!"

      » Details
      Hardwaremag - Silver Award : August 2008

      The Cooler Master Real Power Pro 850W PSU impressively dishes out constant power during our benchmark test. 4 PCI-e connectors may be considered by some as overkill but for gamers who want to power an 8800GTX SLI setup,they are necessary.......

      » Details : August 2008

      With each successive generation, the power requirement of a typical enthusiast's PC goes up another notch. The emphasis today for processors may be on thermal efficiency but adding more cores to the equation is also equally popular, leading inexorably to an increase in power demands. AMD's quad core 4x4 platform is an extreme example of such a trend and makes power supplies (PSU) of 1KW and greater, a necessity rather than a luxury. Such a scenario is probably more pronounced for the graphics scene, where two GPUs in a system is no longer the cutting edge. We now have quad GPU configurations, thanks to NVIDIA's Quad SLI technology and that means up to four high-end power hungry graphics cards. The usual answer to such escalating power requirements - higher wattage PSUs.

      » Details

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