Real Power Pro 1000w ESA
RSA00-EFAMA3-US (Discontinued)

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The Real Power ESA 1000W is Cooler Master’s first ESA compliant power supply, offering a wide range of features that you won’t find in most power supplies, such as monitoring of Voltages, Amperage, Wattage, temperatures and fan speed. It also gives the user the ability to control the fan speed via the ESA utility.

The Real Power ESA 1000W is the ideal companion for any Nvidia 680i or 780i based motherboard. Cooler Master has used its engineering expertise to develop a fully compliant ESA power supply that offers the entire feature set as per Nvidia’s specifications, making Cooler Master the first partner to offer full ESA functionality.

24 pin Motherboard Connector x 1

4 + 4 pin + 12V CPU Connector x 1

8 pin PCI-e Connector x 2

6 pin PCI-e Connector x 4

S-ATA Connector x 8

4 pin Peripheral Connector x 6

4 pin Floppy Connector x 2

Internal USB Connector x 1
Internal Mechanics
The Real Power ESA 1000W is designed using a similar approach seen in high-end server power supplies by having a synchronized PFC which in conjunction with the single 12V switching circuit design allows for very high efficiency. Combined with separate 5 and 3.3V conversion which comes from the 12V rail this allows for a much more efficient power conversion than seen on most power supplies in the market. As such the Real Power ESA 1000W can offer up to 88% efficiency, a previously almost unheard of number.

This design means that a simpler power conversion circuitry can be used which allows for smaller components to be used which reduces heat output and allows for a cleaner, easier to cool design. The unusually small heat sinks are more than adequate when it comes to cooling this power supply.

It also uses a very small transformer which is part of the single 12V switching circuit design. It’s also the first power supply to feature no less than 11 solid capacitors. They have been put in place where they make the most sense and this is at the 12, 5 and 3.3V output stage as well as the 5 and 3.3V conversion stage.

There are also two small circuit boards sticking up between the solid capacitors and these are the DC to DC converter boards for 5 and 3.3V from the 12V rail. By designing a power supply this way, you get much higher efficiency terms of power conversion and less wasted power that would result in more heat. Finally it also has a soft-start circuit that prevents damage to occur to the power supply when you switch it on due to a power peak in the AC Voltage.
1. Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) compliant, which gives the user advance monitoring capabilities and control over output current and voltages.
2. Supports ALL ESA FEATURES and is not limited to a sub-set as some competing solutions.
3. Four +12V rails provide excellent power distribution for high-end systems with multiple graphics cards and CPUs.
4. Dual 30A +12V rails for the PCI Express power connectors means that there will be enough power for even the most demanding over clocker.
5. Four 6-pin PCI Express graphics card connectors and two 8-pin connectors, all of which can be used simultaneously if needed.
Start-Up Protection
1. Soft-start circuit provides a safety mechanism to limit the input of inrush currents during start-up
2. A unique circuit design of Cooler Master
Green Mode PFC Control Circuit
1. Trailing edge PWM - reduces the swithcing loss with duty cycle control of
2. Synchronized leading edge PFC design - enhanced conversion efficiency
3. Reduced ripple current between PFC and PWM circuits
High Efficiency VRM
1. Uniquely designed by Cooler Master
2. Fewer components are needed, thus enhances energy conversion efficiency
3. Greatly enhanced air-flow channel and air-duct through modular circuit design
ESA Compliant
1. ESA compatibility allows for real-time monitoring of output voltage and current
2. Uses internal USB connection to connect to the motherboard
Single 12V Switching Circuit Desgin
1. Small transformer provides higher efficiency 88%
2. Due to all the components be well arranged, the air-duct performance increases noticeably
World's 1st Multi-solid Capacitors
1. Small transformer provides higher efficiency 88%
2. Due to all the components being well arranged, the air-duct performance increases noticeably

Type Intel Form Factor ATX 12V V2.3 / SSI Standard EPS 12V V2.92
Dimension 150 x 200 x 86 (mm)
Input Voltage 90 ~264V (Auto Range)
Input Current 15 A @ 115Vac / 8A @ 230Vac
Input Frequency Range 47 ~ 63 Hz
PFC Active PFC(0.99)
Fan 120mm PWM fan
Power Good Signal 100 ~ 500 ms
Hold Up Time > 17 ms
Efficiency >85%
MTBF >100,000 hrs
Protection OVP / UVP / OTP / OCP /OPP
Output Capacity 1000 Watts Continuous
Max. Output Capacity 1200 Watts
Operation Temperature 0~50?(Nominal Input Voltage)
Warranty 5 years
UPC Code 884102000027