ATCS 840

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Re-Introducing an old friend:
ATCS 840 constitutes a classic all-aluminum design that builds on the legacy of the original ATCS design. The aluminum construction not only allows for a lighter weight but complements the thermal design seamlessly with three 230mm fans, dedicated air duct for graphics card cooling and HDD cooling module for superb cooling.

What’s New:
Extra attention was paid to make sure this elegantly designed chassis is not only easy to install but easy to maintain. This includes: slide-out motherboard tray along with cut out CPU access for easy removal, tool-free HDD casing, and patented finger pressing 5.25" drive.

Lastly, it gives users the freedom to choose any components they desire, as it supports the latest standards such as E-ATX and dual PSUs.

Model RC-840-KKN1-GP (black)
RC-840-SSN1-GP (silver)
Available Color Black, Silver
Dimension (W) 9.57 x (H) 22.83 x (D)24.80 inches
Weight Net Weight: 13.25 kg (29.21 lbs);
Gross Weight: 15.75 kg ( 34.72 lbs)
Motherboards Micro-ATX / ATX / E-ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 6 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5" drive bay)
3.5" Drive Bay 6 Hidden
1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25" drive bay)
I/O Panel USB x 4, IEEE 1394a x 1, eSATA x 1, Mic x 1, Audio x 1
Expansion Slots 7
Cooling System Front: 230 x 30 mm standard fan x 1, 700 RPM, 19 dBA (included)
Top: 230 x 30mm standard fan x 2, 700 RPM, 19dBA (included)
(can be swapped for three 120mm fans)
Rear: 120 x 25mm standard fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA (included)
Bottom: 120mm (optional)
HDD Module: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
External Air Duct: 120mm fan x 1 (optional)
Power Supply Dual Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
UPC Code 884102002458 (black)
884102002441 (silver)
    • Click logo to read full review:  Awesome Hardware : February 2010

      "Cooler Master's ATCS 840 is an amazing case. I would highly recommend this case as long as you have the floor/desk space for it. Once all the internals are inside you wont enjoy toting it around as it is quite literally an armful (or in my case a giant bear hug)."

      » Details
      Maximum PC Kick Ass : April 2009

      Cooler Master ATCS 840 "The latest hit from an old favorite."

      » Details : April 2009

      Cooler Master did it with the HAF 932 case I reviewed last year and has done it again. For those wanting the ultimate in cooling solutions this case has no less than 7 fan spots with three of them being of the 230mm variety. The removable motherboard tray allows the end-user to install everything outside of the case and test it before installing it. Cooler Master knows its stuff when it comes to cases and this one fits the bill. The only negative I can see is the screws on the PCI Slots being necessary. The all aluminum case is lighter than one would expect at less than 30 pounds.

      » Details
      Pureoverclock: Editors Choice : March 2009

      "The ATCS 840 is a very rare breed of product: one that successfully achieves a combination of aesthetics, features, and quality, at a price that leaves you feeling you walked away with the deal of the year. With a gorgeous and sublime aesthetic style, oustanding feature set, and attention to detail and quality that are second to none, the Cooler Master ATCS is one of the very best cases you will find on the market at any price range. "

      » Details Must Have : February 2009

      "The styling of the ATCS 840 is the equivalent of some of the best on the market. No longer are Lian Li and Silverstone the top tier of classic and sleek case. The ATCS is back to add company to the others we so often dream about owning. With the excellent styling comes a solid and well-built case. I once saw a post in a popular forum and someone asked for advice for a sturdy case. Well I have the answer for that individual. The ATCS 840."

      » Details
      Tweaknews: Top Rank Award : February 2009

      With the original ATCS chassis, Cooler Master brought the first truly custom alloy case to the market. Their ATCS 840 Classic has proven to be a worthy successor. With classic good looks and superb build quality, the 840 is poised to make as big an impact on the market as its predecessor. Besides being huge, this chassis is also very configurable and will hold all the hardware that virtually any enthusiast will want to stuff into it, including the watercooling folks. An impressive feature set includes lots of front (actually top) IO ports, additional fan placements, the rear panel fan box and the excellent mobo tray design. The intake dust filters are well designed and easy to service, something that one doesn't always find in even the most high-end cases.

      » Details
      Thinkcomputers - Editors Choice : February 2009

      "The Cooler Master ATCS 840 is a very powerful and easy to use case. Its full tower size can be used for any kind of system builder from newbie to the water coolers. I believe it has plenty of cooling by itself with three 230mm fans and another 120mm fan, but if you don't think that's enough you can install another four 120mm fans throughout the case."

      » Details
      Pcflip: Hardcore : February 2009

      "Man what a case, eh? This is a phenomenal case, without a doubt. Cooler Master has packed a lot of features and craftsmanship into this case and it is visible. The case looks beautiful inside and out. The milled brushed aluminum front and rear look fantastic. The buttons and pop-up panel on the top match the style of this case very well.

      this case is fantastic and recommended for anyone who wants a very beautiful case. This case is not for everyone, especially by the price. However, Cooler Master has a number of other great cases in lower price points with similar features that I encourage you check out. I would recommend this case to intermediate and hardcore users. I would also like to recommend it for its value. Although, yes, the quality concerns me, it is still a fantastic case and built very well except those few complaints I had. It is a case that you can reuse many times and has many user-friendly options."

      » Details : January 2009

      "Working on the ATCS 840 is easy, thanks to tool-less entry, drive mounts, and a removable motherboard tray......Cooler Master includes a video card module for users wanting to enhance the ATCS 840’s cooling capabilities further."

      » Details
      legion_must_have_award : January 2009

      The ATCS 840 is a rare product in the sense that we have really found nothing that we dislike or would change. This product has come together very nicely, and although it features nothing really new when compared to say the HAF 932 for example, it does feature all of Cooler Masters latest design innovations.

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good : January 2009

      "Wow, what a ride it has been; but like all good rides it must come to an end and now its time to wrap things up. In the beginning we said we would compare and contrast the Cooler Master ATCS 840 against the HAF 932 and we certainly came up with some interesting differences. Unfortunately, its like comparing to fine automobiles and trying to “prove” one is better than the other. On the one hand you have the equivalent of an American Muscle car and on the other hand you have a Jaguar E-Type. Both are great in their own way and both have their pros and cons. In all honesty there is no clear winner and really does come down to what you want in a case and what you consider to be the most important features. Thus it would be a discourtesy to both of these cases for us to point to one and say “there’s your winner”. Take your time and think it through, though just remember you can’t really go wrong with either one of these bad boys."

      » Details
      V-hideout - Editors Choice : January 2009

      "With their ATCS 840, Cooler Master has given enthusiasts an option to have a truly huge chassis with a measure of style thrown in too......the sheer number of features - useful features - and the smoothness of operation overall makes this case a true winner......I'm going to go and call this one a major winner. Go out and grab this if you're looking for a new case!"

      » Details
      Bit-tech: Chassis of the Year 2008 : January 2009

      "...there was only one case this year that not only met our expectations, but hugely exceeded them – the Cooler Master ATCS 840."

      » Details
      Hightechhardeware: Highly Recommended : January 2009

      "CoolerMaster has taken case design up a notch once again with their latest entry: the ATCS 840. From the packaging that the case is shipped with to the included accessories the guys over at CM have pretty much thought of it all. The exterior design of the case isn't flashy as it doesn't include a case window for showing off the innards, but what it does to is scream elegance and classic design."

      » Details : January 2009

      "The Cooler Master ATCS 840 is an enthusiast-level case that may be large in stature but is also equally large in features, quality and usability."

      » Details
      Computer Power User
      Computer Power User : December 2008

      "Working on the ATCS 840 is easy, thanks to tool-less entry, drive mounts, and a removable motherboard tray. The stock 230mm fans move a substantial amount of air yet remain very quiet. Cooler Master includes a video card module for users wanting to enhance the ATCS 840’s cooling capabilities further."

      » Details : December 2008

      "Not only is it one of the best looking cases i have ever seen, but it's also one of the best cases when it comes to airflow, available space and ergonomics."

      » Details
      BenchmarkReviews: Editors Choice : December 2008

      "So it can be argued that no computer case can ever really be 'the best' when there are so many different varieties for just as many applications. Argue if you must, but after seeing the features on Cooler Master's recent ATCS 840 the choice was clear."

      » Details
      HardwareSecrets: Golden Award : December 2008

      "Usually we don’t give awards to cases on this price range because most of them have too many little flaws that are inexcusable if you are willing to pay that much for a case. ATCS 840 is a good exception, being a practically flawless case. You won’t regret buying it."

      » Details
      Hi-techreviews - Editors Choice : December 2008

      "It is not very often that you can review a product and come a way from it and say there were no flaws worth mentioning about it, surprisingly that is exactly what has happened with the CoolerMaster ATCS 840 Full Tower Classic. We took a vote and it was unanimous that the retro look of the ATCS 840 would make a perfect addition to your home office, den or dorm room and best of all it has massive amounts of room in it to place numerous hard drive and video cards of the longest length."

      » Details
      Phoronix: Approved : December 2008

      "Cooler Master is highly regarded among computer enthusiasts and gamers for building quality products and with the ATCS 840 this still holds true. The ATCS 840 is an extremely large case that can accommodate dual ATX power supplies, an EATX motherboard, six disk drives, and six external 5.25" drives. You could also run multiple GPUs in this system too quite well on top of that."

      » Details : December 2008

      "Cooler Master is renowned for their high end gear, and with the ATCS 840 their reputation is safe.  This case has all the standard features, plus some, excelling beyond other Cooler Master flagship products........................XCPU's Xtreme Xmas Gift Award"

      » Details
      Driverheaven: Heavenly Gold Award : December 2008

      "Build quality is top notch..............the Cooler Master ATCS 840 is a worthy successor to the famous cases of old, and the build quality and design is higher than anything we've seen in a while. Undoubtedly a great purchase."

      » Details
      3dgameman - 100% KICKASS : December 2008

      "The Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case is one of the very best full-tower cases on the market. It has all the right ingredients; excellent air circulation provided by three 230mm fans and one 120mm fans (more optional fans can be added), dust filters on all intake fans, plenty of drive bays, looks great, superb design, quality build and so much more."

      » Details
      Bjorn3d - Golder Bear : December 2008

      "The ATCS 840 chassis, is simply put, astonishing. This chassis is large enough to handle various types of large motherboards, and video cards, and it can handle large CPU coolers and even the biggest of water cooling setups. And to top it off, this chassis does it with style. Having a price point of around 250 U.S. dollars makes this a fair price to pay for a chassis that has a multitude of abilities."

      » Details
      OCC Gold : December 2008

      "Cooler Master's ATCS 840 is a great, large and high quality enclosure. It's truly up there along with the other high end cases on the market..................hold your breath and make some space for this classy monster."

      » Details : December 2008

      "Well, there's so much about this case that makes it competitive with Lian-Li, and Silverstone. Evidence such as; the removable motherboard tray, high airflow with the 3 monstrous fans, and the all aluminum construction, show that Cooler Master is back in the game, and with a huge bang. This case offers more features than Lian-Li's offering, and possibly even the Silverstone. Don't count out Cooler Master next time when looking for a premium chassis. I know I won't!"

      » Details
      Overclock3d: Editor Choice : December 2008

      "ATCS 840 comes very close to being our dream case. Not only is it one of the coolest cases we've ever tested, but it's also one of the best looking. Expected to retail at around �200 when finally released in December, the 840 is at an acceptable price point for a case of its calibre and sits snugly between the likes of the Lian Li V1010 and PC-X500."

      » Details
      BMR - Golden Tachometer : November 2008

      ATCS 840 extends this legacy with the addition of today's latest advancement in ergonomics and system cooling. With a timeless design and unmatched attention to detail, the ATCS 840 is set to stir interest once again.


      The RC-840 is an extremely well-constructed enclosure with a solid chassis capable of sustaining the worst accidents without warping the chassis. While the panels are not 6mm alloy and seams were not welded, the ATCS survives the most harsh handling.


      One particular area of interest that really impressed be was product functionality. I'm completely sold on the motherboard tray cut-out which allows me to remove the backplate of a CPU cooler without having the remove the entire system. Even without this feature, the sliding motherboard tray would make for a decent second-favorite. Using 230mm cooling fans in three different locations of the RC-840 is a guaranteed way of ensuring Advanced Thermal Cooling, but the negative inner-case pressure might add-up to be too much for some exhausting video cards (such as high-end NVIDIA and ATI products). Tool-less drive bay trays and clips make installation a snap, and the removable fan filters should keep the innards nice and shiny.

      » Details

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