CM Storm Sniper

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Storm Sniper™ - gaming grade ultra mid tower PC chassis.

Storm Tactics™ - guarantees unbeatable, secure reliability that is completely tuned to gamers' needs. With a total dedication to Strength, Security and Control, Storm Tactics will keep your most vital gear fortified and well tuned at all times.

StormGuard™ - groundbreaking security prevents your high-end ing gear from being stolen.

Model SGC-6000-KKN1-GP
Available Color Black
Material Steel, ABS Plastic, Mesh bezel
Dimension (L)22.3 x (W)10 x (H)21.7 inches
(L)566.6 x (W)254.6 X (H)551 mm
Weight 23.42 lbs
10.6 kg
M/B Type Micro-ATX/ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
3.5" Drive Bay 5 Hidden 1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)
Cooling System Front: 200x30mm Blue LED Fan x 1 (500 - 1000rpm, 17 - 23 dBA)

Top: 200x30mm Blue LED Fan x 1 (500 - 1000rpm, 17 - 23 dBA)
(can be swapped for two 120mm fans or 120x240mm Radiator)

Rear: 120x25mm Standard Fan x 1 (1200rpm, 17 dBA)
(can be swapped for 90mm fan or 80mm fan)

Bottom: Supports 140mm Fan x 1 or 120mm Fan x 1 w/ Dust Filter (optional)

Side: Supports 200x30mm Fan x 1 (optional)
120x25mm Fan x 2 (optional)
Expansion Slots Standard x 7, Special x 1
I/O Panel USB2.0 x 4; IEEE1394 x 1; eSATA x 1; Mic x 1; HD Audio+AC’97 x 1
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
UPC Code 884102003752
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      TBCS:  5/5 Approved : September 2009

      "In conclusion I am truly impressed with the quality and features of the CM Storm Sniper. So impressed that this case will be replacing my current Apevia X-plorer case that I put weeks into modding and making it perfect."

      » Details  Editors Choice : September 2009

      "So, would I recommend it? Hells ya. To be perfectly clear I found that this case, in my opinion, has to be one of the most perfect cases I have ever seen."

      » Details  Silver Award : July 2009

      "The Sniper held up well to being moved around and even being dropped at MML a few weeks ago. The large fans have kept my 920 cool even when overclocked and when using the included fan speed controller the case was quiet (with the fans on high they do make a bit of noise)."

      » Details : July 2009

      "The overall design and performance of the case is top notch, bringing the best of airflow, and modularity. This case is almost perfect for any type of build, whether you just want a new case for your OEM PC or a full-blown watercooled custom rig with top notch components, you’ll find everything you could need with this case."

      » Details
      Tweaknews: Top Rank Award : June 2009

      "To say that I was impressed with the Storm Sniper would be a bit of an understatement. With top-of-the-line cooling performance, a rich and innovative feature set, great looks and a roomy and convenient interior, this is the best mid-tower chassis I've seen in a long time."

      » Details : June 2009

      "...a great case for Lan party's the handles on top are very sturdy, not at all of the poor quality we normally see on LAN cases."

      » Details : May 2009

      "In all I think that Cooler Master has a winner on their hands with the Sniper. If you are in the market for a case with style, and room that is not a giant piece of unattractive metal you will definitely want to take a look at the CM Storm Sniper."

      » Details
      Hardwarelogic: 91 : April 2009

      "Overall, the Sniper is rich in features, as well as aesthetic appeal, with a very reasonable price tag. Ultimately, enthusiasts that desire a virtual polar opposite to a Hello-Kitty design, should have the Sniper in their sights when considering their next purchase."

      » Details  Hot Product : April 2009

      "Cooler Master took a simple premise with the Sniper case and delivered on that premise. The case has more than adequate ventilation with room for three 200mm fans, and two 120mm fans or five fans in total."

      » Details Highly recommended : April 2009

      Designed for the gaming masses, this full sized case is going to be able to hold all of your hardware, and keep it cool at the same time. I found this case to be very appealing to the eye with its smooth lines, and blue back lit LED’s. This case is a worthwhile investment for your system, if you’re looking for cool temps and great looks while saving a few bucks. The Sniper is a very well made case, with the easy to use tool less features, installation or expansion of whatever you want to through inside could not be easier there is plenty of room for you to work with especially with the fantastic wire management system.This case can be purchased anywhere from $180.00 to $220.00 CDN and I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a new home for their rig.

      » Details
      Modders-inc - Must Have : April 2009

      "Overall, I have to say my experience with the CM Storm Sniper has been a great one. I love the case, being a modder I can't wait to do some sort of modding to it and see what comes out of it...The CM Storm Sniper...flat out Rocks!!"

      » Details
      Techgage rating of 9 : April 2009

      "Overall, this is a fine case. The build quality is excellent and the paint finish is fantastic. Couple in the new design features, and you have a knockout of a case. I really liked the "Storm Guard" feature… when all said and done, I'm going to award CM's Storm Sniper a well-deserved 9 out of 10… Very few products I have had in front of me deserve such high marks."

      » Details : April 2009

      Having a great system is vital to gaming. However, having a great case to house all those components can be just as important to the LAN party scene. The weight, size, and construction of the case and even more important, the look, are the integral parts of a system that will be hauled around to LAN parties. Cooler Master’s recently launched Sniper computer chassis is part of the new CM Storm product line and was designed with these concerns in mind. Overall, I was very happy with Cooler Master’s Sniper. There was plenty of room to route and hide excess cables. The case was small enough that even power supplies with short cables could be used. Having the ability to control both fan speed and turn the LEDs on/off with the integrated fan controller was definitely a nice touch. However there were a few minor flaws. The big one was use of plastic in the face plates of a case designed to be moved on a regular basis. Also the large amounts of dust, while improving airflow, also allows a lot more dust in than with a regular case. There is room for improvement so it will be interesting to see what the next case in the CM Storm line, the Scout, will bring.

      » Details
      Overclockercafe - Editors Choice : April 2009

      When I first opened up the Cooler Master Sniper box I gave that silent nod of approval to myself at its looks. But my impression only built on itself from there as I discovered more and more goodies and useful features. People say they fall in love with a case sometimes just because of looks. I can say the Sniper is an easy case to love because your appreciate of it increases as you look at it closer. The Cooler Master Storm Sniper case is worth every penny of its $150 price tag and is a case we can whole heartedly recommend.

      » Details : April 2009

      The CM Storm Sniper is geared towards a certain type of gamer and it is the LAN Party guy. Still it has enough awesome features that it can make any person looking for a cool looking mid-tower happy. Everything about the CM Storm Sniper is of great quality with having a slight minimal feel to it. The CM Storm Sniper is not super heavy like it looks by using some plastic parts to keep the weight down while not compromising quality or strength.  The overall look is a rugged toughness that Cooler Master pulls off nicely and fits perfect with the LAN Party scene.





      » Details
      Dvhardware: seal of approval : April 2009

      To sum it up, the Sniper is another fine case from Cooler Master that will easily please gamers and tech enthusiasts. The open mesh design and large fans deliver lots of airflow at minimal noise levels, and the integrated fan controller makes it very easy to adjust the speed of all your case fans. The overall build quality is very good and the tool-free features are very easy to use. Perhaps the biggest issue of the Cooler Master Sniper is its relatively high price, this Storm series case costs around $140 in the US and 140EUR in Europe. If you don't mind the price in this recessionary climate I definitely recommend the Sniper, this case won't disappoint.

      » Details
      Hightechhardeware editors choice. : April 2009

      CoolerMaster has brought to market a case that ranks very high. Their approach to aesthetics with the Sniper has paid off. Their goal was to model it after military weapons and it works. The case''s matte black only adds to the very distinctive looks. Performance of the case is good, the open design tends to help in the cooling of most components, while the mesh side panel doesn't add to the cooling of the GPU. Cooling performance at the high setting lead to an average 3 degree drop, so I don't see the need for the high setting with this current hardware set up. As hotter hardware is added one can assume that cooling performance should scale with it. The case does not have a removable motherboard tray, but that shouldn't distract anyone from this case as the interior is very spacious and I did not run into any clearance issues and the motherboard install was a snap. Cable management for the most part was a breeze. The cables for the case come tied together for the user already. The inclusion of the cutout in the motherboard try allows the user to easily swap CPU coolers without removing the motherboard from the case and I hope this a feature with all CoolerMaster cases. The integrated fan controller is a welcome addition to the case and works very well. I have used this case for just over a month and while for the most part the dust filters work pretty well, where I live is a considerable amount of fine dust inside the case and over the hardware.

      » Details
      PCWizKid: Recommended : April 2009

      we were impressed at not only the looks of the Sniper case from the outside but the inside as well. This mid tower follows the footsteps of its big brother the the CM HAF 932 with plenty of room for drives, expansion and cooling galore! PC Gamers going to a LAN party for example would love this case easy to grip handle as well as its security features for peripherals which shows the attention to detail Cooler Master has provided. Most important PCWizKid liked the cable management support and solid construction of this case which makes it a worthy investment since we are always upgrading and changing hardware and this makes it really easy to get into and modify.

      » Details : April 2009

      The CM Storm Sniper PC case is an excellent case for the gamer or anyone for that matter, it’s very well made, looks good and it’s got tons of features that everyone can appreciate.

      If you’re in the market for a great looking and quality case then I can easily recommend you take a look at the Sniper, you won’t be disappointed.

      » Details : March 2009

      "The Storm Sniper case from Cooler Master is indeed a case suitable for gamers. The design is quite innovative, the construction quality is very high and the inside of the case is big enough to accommodate even the largest hardware components. Although the inside was not painted black due to Cooler Master wanting to keep the cost down so gamers can actually buy the Storm Sniper, the opening on the back of the CPU socket area is a feature that is bound to help a lot."

      » Details : March 2009

      "The build quality is quite good - this case has a nice substantial feel to it. I found all components to work and fit well. It is roomy and I think a very good case for a watercooled system, mounting the radiator at the top of the case. The attention to cooling airflow is notable and by adding additional fans, this case should be tops for moving air in and out......Overall, if you're into pushing your PC to the max, this is a case that should merit serious consideration. It's flexibility will allow about as much case-tinkering as you could wish. CoolerMaster has done a very nice job with this one."

      » Details : March 2009

      "I have very little (if anything) bad to say about the Cooler Master Sniper. This is one very nice case. It has loads of room and is relatively light. It gives the end user the ability to remove unwanted items, add in needed items, and reconfigure fan locations."

      » Details : March 2009

      "In all this is a great case for whatever you may be doing, up to an ATX side motherboard. I would recommend it to those that are shopping for their next case and may have too many parts for a smaller mid-tower, but not enough to justify a full tower. For its size, the Sniper definitely is loaded on features."

      » Details : March 2009

      "After my tour of duty with the CM Storm Sniper case, I've come away with a positive experience overall. From top to bottom the Sniper packs in some useful features such as the built in fan controller and StormGuard peripheral retention system. The Storm shows that Cooler Master is listening to gamers and enthusiasts by including features from past cases that work and giving us new features that work."

      » Details
      OCC: Silver : February 2009

      "I was quite impressed with the size of the case, as you can fit quite a few different things inside of the Sniper case, including a few of the newer large graphic cards, which with CrossFire and SLI becoming more mainstream and the ability to add more and more graphics cards to one system, this can prove to be a worthwhile investment in real estate."

      » Details
      Bjorn3d - Golder Bear : February 2009

      "The Sniper case from Cooler Master is a very well-thought case. From the design stand point of view, the case has an impressive look, very sturdy construction, and is spacious enough for even the largest hardware components. It has excellent cable management features and the opening on the back of the CPU socket area is a very welcomed feature. Its cooling performance is also excellent. I am a bit surprised to see with only two 200mm fans and a 120mm fan the Sniper is capable of keeping the internal components running fairly cool. Of course, for those who may need additional cooling, there are spaces on the bottom and on the side for additional fans. Overall, the Cooler Master Sniper is an excellent case for any gamers for its combination of performance, beauty, and features. At $179.99 retail price over at Newegg, it is not exactly a bargain, but it sure would be a case to consider for those who are looking for a mid-tower case with these features and performance."

      » Details : February 2009

      "The Cooler Master Storm Sniper is an overall excellent case.  The case probably caters more toward the more mature gamer (for lack of the better word), as it has the special bling factor but is not gaudy in the overall presentation.   The overall performance is great as well. "

      » Details
      OCIA - Approved : February 2009

      "The Storm Sniper is typical Cooler Master, which is to say top notch. Fit and finish are excellent, all the screw holes line up where they're supposed to, the tool-less mechanisms work beautifully and controls are right within reach. There is plenty of mesh and fan positions to move a ton of air and keep things cool. Like the Cosmos and HAF, there are provisions to mount a 2x120mm radiator in the top, and the carry handles make moving the Sniper around a breeze. The fact that it weighs no more than a standard mid-tower helps too."

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good : February 2009

      "If we had to sum up the Storm Sniper in one sentence, we’d do that by saying that it is an extremely practical and easy to work with case. Cooler Master claims to have spent countless days at Lan Parties to gauge the ins and outs of what gamers really want in an enclosure. We now say that this is no idle boast as we can see the Sniper as a must-have item for gamers who want to replace their current enclosures with something infinitely more practical."

      » Details
      Pureoverclock: Editors Choice : February 2009

      "It is an aesthetic that has crossover appeal, not limited strictly to the gamers in the market.  This bodes well for Cooler Master, but also for consumers looking for greater flexibility and quality in a well-rounded setup......The feature set here is outstanding, including excellent cable management opportunities, friendly tool-less design (the expansion port mechanism the one exception), extensive cooling options, and versatility of control with the system setup and operation."

      » Details
      Techpowerup - Editors Choice : February 2009

      "The Cooler Master Storm (CM Storm) Sniper is a great case in many regards......Overall, it is hard to find anything wrong with this chassis and Cooler Master has managed to create yet another uniquely looking chassis with a lot of innovative and useful features which certainly does justify the price of the enclosure."

      » Details editors choice

      I've now tested four gaming cases, Antec 1200, 300, NZXT Tempest and CM Sniper and from this bunch the Sniper is my favorite. The main things that I like are the spacious internal layout, quiet yet effective cooling and the overall ease of use. On paper the case is huge, with two dimensions over half a meter, but somehow it still manages to look smaller. And after all, it fits under the desk just fine. After trying hard to find something negative in the case, I think I'd rather have a model with solid left side. Now there's the huge mesh that looks nice and has dust filter, but I'd still prefer a solid for the better noise insulation. But this is a domain of personal preference and can not be counted as a con.

      » Details
      Proclockers: Highly Recommended : January 2009

      "I believe the CM Storm Sniper will be a big hit for Cooler Master in the gaming community......My favorite feature of the Sniper is the motherboard tray as it has a large opening designed to allow the user to switch out CPU coolers without having to deal with removing the motherboard from the case."

      » Details
      Golden Ghost : January 2009

      Overall I am very happy with this case. Cooling is the same, or better than my previous case (depending on fan speed) and it looks better. The size of this case makes installation and upgrading easy. This case is also very well built. Everything seems sturdy which is sometimes hard to find in a case anymore.Everything works as Cooler Master says, and I haven't found anything major wrong with this case.

      » Details
      3dgameman - 100% KICKASS : January 2009

      "The Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case is feature for feature one of the very best mid-tower cases on the market. With three fans (2x200mm & 1x120mm) it has excellent air circulation, tooless design, quality build, excellent styling, etc. It even comes with integrated handles at the top. This is the case you've been looking for! Watch the video to find out more..."

      » Details  Golden Tachometer : January 2009

      "In terms of its cooling capability, the Sniper bested an old favorite of mine, the Antec P180 series. The open mesh design and 200mm fans, offer incredible cooling performance without sacrificing noise levels. If this is any indication of the things to come, the CM Storm division may quickly become a new favorite among gamers and enthusiasts."

      » Details
      Hardwarezone: 4 (Very Good) : January 2009

      " is a solid offering from Cooler Master and one that we suspect will find its way into the homes of many gamers."

      » Details
      ComputerShopper: Editors Choice : January 2009

      "Even if you do have to shell out for a display, the Cyberpower's prowess in practically every area could make the outlay into an investment if you want the most powerful system out there and you want it now."

      » Details
      Game Axis: High Voltage

      "The CoolerMaster Sniper is a tough and functional fan powered air conditioning casing that targets all the right places in the casing along with plenty of built-in fans for optimum cooling."

      » Details
      CPU3D: Enthusiast Choice : January 2009

      "Coolermaster has kicked start the new year with a great product. The CM Storm SNIPER is probably one of the coolest and feature-rich gaming chassis available ... designed for gamers by gamers. It offers excellent cooling performance, very good build quality and great looks ... what more do you want?"

      » Details

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