Accu-Mouse (Uni-Retractable Wire)
C-PM01-W2; C-PM01-S9

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  • Uni-Retractable USB cable for convenient portability.
  • Enjoy the precision of a wired mouse without the hassle.
  • High quality, thin, and flexible cable - easily adjusted to your required length.
  • Ergonomically designed mouse for comfortable usage.
  • Accurate and responsive tracking.
  • Treaded scroll wheel facilitates comfortable and accurate scrolling.
Easily and quickly draw and retract cable. No more messy cable tangles! Cable easily retracted into cable housing integrated into the mouse. Perfect for a notebook user.

Model C-PM01-W2 (White, Gray w/ green scroll wheel)
C-PM01-S9 (Silver, Gray w/ orange scroll wheel)
Direction 3D
Buttons 3Keys
PC Interface U S B o nly
USB Report Rate 125 times/sec
CPI Resolution 800 dpi
Cable Length 750mm ( 29.53 inches )
Compatibility PC & Mac
UPC Code C-PM01-W2 - 845024000472
C-PM01-S9 - 845024000465
    • Click logo to read full review: Approved : February 2010

      "Each performed as well as advertised. Each as ideal for those that want to use a separate mouse and not the one located at the bottom of the keyboard on your laptop. A separate has always being my preference as they are considerably more comfortable than the integrated one. And often times a lot faster and responsive. This is the case for the two Accu-Mouse we looked at today."

      » Details : September 2009

      "Retailing for about twenty bucks, I think the Choiix Accu-Mouse is a good option for the traveling notebook user who’d prefer a wired connection over a wireless one."

      » Details : September 2009

      "I suppose it isn't horrible that the name is the most complex part of this mouse. Other than that, there's no reason why you shouldn't buy it if you have the need for an inexpensive mouse that is both portable and wired."

      » Details

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