NotePal U Stand

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Crafted with a subdued elegance, the U Stand features a brushed aluminum surface that helps expedite heat dissipation. It is an ideal ergonomic companion for laptops up to 17” that are setup at a home or work office.
Patented Configurable Cooling Fans
Two patented 100mm silent fans are included and placed underneath the aluminum surface. These fully configurable fans can be used to pinpoint to the hottest areas of your laptop (i.e. CPU, HDD) for unsurpassed cooling performance.
Ergonomic design
5 different height settings is ergonomically designed for best viewing/typing angles, allowing you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods without straining your back or wrist.


Anti-Slip Holders
Adjustable anti-slip holders with movable rubber strips keeps 9" to 17" laptops sturdy on your desk; a very important feature that gives you a piece of mind.
Aluminum Surface
Elegant hairline finish aluminum surface functions as a cooling pad to spread the heat onto a larger surface area. The aluminum surface also allows the U Stand to take on the wear-and-tear of the daily use from the laptop.
Thoughtful Design
3 USB ports allow your laptop cooler to become a central hub for your computer, allowing you to connect all your USB devices at ease. Rear cable clip will keep your cables tight and neat.

Color Black
Material Aluminum, Plastics, Rubber
Weight 1.37 kg, 3.0 lbs
Dimension 410 x 310 x 55.5~217mm
Fan Dimension 100 x 100 x 15mm fan x2
Fan Speed 1200(±15%) R.P.M.
Fan Speed Adjustment Single Speed
Fan Airflow 70 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 21 dBA
Power USB 5V DC
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x3, Mini USB x1 (For Power Input)
Power consumption 0.36A, 1.8W
Compatibility Support ups to 17" laptops
UPC Code 884102012136
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    • Click logo to read full review: : November 2011

      "The surface of this U Stand is made of brushed aluminium that is finished in black. The stand is predominantly black on the whole, but has a grey rubber strip that can be detached, so that a laptop does not slide off it. The rest of the stand is made of hard plastic, and it looks like it could withstand a couple of accidental drops. The surface of the stand is lined with perforations, so that it can cool different types of laptops depending on the size. This means that the fans on the under side can be positioned exactly how you want them."

      » Details : November 2011

      "Cooler Master Notepal U Stand has some great features: the 3 port USB hub, adjustment for height, a power button for fans, nicely accommodates up to a 17? laptop, and adjustable fans to maximize cooling."

      » Details  Must Have Best Value : September 2011

      "Cooler Master has proven that there are practical, ergonomic notebook cooling solutions that not only look good, but actually cool while not breaking the bank."

      » Details : August 2011

      "The Cooler Master U Stand is a good notebook cooler.  In terms of cooling, it gets the job done.  The fans are very quiet and barely noticeable while keeping the notebook.  It will also keep your lap cool if you use it on your lap. "

      » Details : August 2011

      "Overall, I love what Cooler Master has done with the U Stand. The results themselves show the fruit of their labour, as I received almost ten degrees less on every test while my notebooks rested on the U Stand. I love the extras and the designing, as well as the amount of thought that went into creating it. The engineers thought about every possible thing, and how best to utilize it."

      » Details Editors Choice Gold : August 2011

      "The Cooler Master NotePal U Stand does exactly what it's supposed to do - cool down your laptop and make it stand up to eye-level.  I use my T410 as my main workstation and it sits in a pretty fancy dock that allows me a bunch of extra USB connections, eSATA ports, 2 Display Ports, 2 DVI ports and a lot more."

      » Details  10/10 : August 2011

      "The U Stand is Capable of holding up to 17” laptops with two optional fans and USB power outlets for easy docking with your mouse and keyboard. The Notepal U Stand is a good choice if you do a lot of resource-intensive activities because of its dual adjustable fans. No matter the layout of the cooling vents on your laptop you will have no problem moving both fans into position to push the most amount of air in to keep everything cool. "

      » Details Crowned Product Award : August 2011

      "An attractive brushed aluminum surface and completely positionable, whisper quiet fans top Coolermaster's solid NotePal U Stand laptop cooler.  The whole cooler is meant for customization, from the fan targeting and anti-slip placement to the 5 positions of tilt.  The U Stand is built for the wear and tear of roughest notebook handlers, where even the plastic parts and all of the hinges are sturdy and robust.  The U Stand will reduce your system temperatures and will extend your system's own fan life."

      » Details 9/10 : August 2011

      "The 2 100mm fans themselves are very quiet and you cannot really even tell they are on when in operation.  I do like their modular design so you can place them where you want to isolate the hottest places on your laptop......Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master Notepal U Stand a 9 out of 10 score."

      » Details  Gold : August 2011

      "Overall, I'd highly recommend the NotePal U-Stand for just about anyone. There is good performance and more than enough features to meet just about any users needs. "

      » Details : August 2011

      "The Cooler Master Notepal U Stand is a great device for the market segment it's targeted at. Those who do not carry their laptop around often will see many added benefits of using it: first and foremost, it improves cooling by quite a large margin, like all products in the Notepal series. Unlike the other Notepal coolers however, the U Stand's incline can be customized to fit the needs of the user, making it more convenient for a variety of tasks. "

      » Details
      OCC Gold : August 2011

      "I've tested a lot of coolers while I've been here at Overclockers Club, and this is definitely one of the good ones. While it doesn't have the same cooling power as some of the more powerful ones, it has a lot of features that make it worth using. For instance, the USB hub turns my MacBook Pro's 2 USB ports into 4, and the ability to tilt the cooler means I can really customize how I want it to look. Also, the ability to move the fans around can allow you to get the cooler air exactly where it needs to go to help cool your specific laptop more efficiently.  Finally, it's nice when the fans are so quiet (as these are) because you aren't constantly distracted by the hum that some of the lager fans can cause."

      » Details  Highly Recommended : August 2011

      "The U-Stand serves two purposes: the first would be as a laptop cooler which we all need in order to keep the heat produced by that beast under control. And the U-Stand did just that as it reduced our temperatures on the CPU and GPU by eight degrees during stress testing. A nice drop for those that like to game on their lappies. And the second purpose would be as a stand for your laptop. This is nice for watching a video while lying in bed or in a area where you may not have a larger display like a monitor or television."

      » Details  9/10 : August 2011

      "Overall the Cooler Master’s NotePal U Stand has a perfect ergonomic design for easy adjustments especially for table top notebooks made more permanent to the table not the lap. The U Stand material and framing offer supports that feel sturdy in comparison to the X-Slim which are made for the portability on the go and the U Stand is not capable of providing. Since it is based on a thicker Aluminum base for support, the weight is currently at 3 lbs. which is heavy to take anywhere but very solid product for the table top usage."

      » Details
      Bigbruin:  Highly Recommended : August 2011

      "The Cooler Master Notepal U Stand laptop cooler certainly does what it is designed to do - keep mobile computing devices cool and provide an ergonomic working environment while all wrapped up in a clean and functional design. The two adjustable / removable 100mm fans provide the cooling power and configuration flexibility necessary to meet just about any user's needs. The inclusion of a three port USB hub adds to the overall value of the unit. "

      » Details

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