CM Storm Trooper
SGC-5000-KKN1; SGC-5000-KWN1

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Representing the apex of gaming full towers, the CM Storm Trooper is designed to be exactly what a gamer needs to easily house the most extreme system setups and take them on-the-go with its extremely sturdy carrying handles. Be it an extensive watercooling setup or windstorm of air cooling, the CM Storm Trooper is prepared to contain and use it to its full potential. The Trooper marks the first time a full tower has been designed for transport while being packed with features such as USB 3.0, external 2.5”, and two entirely removable, 90 degree rotatable HDD cages for easier hard-drive installation.

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Air cooling:
1. Front: 120mm Red LED fan x 2, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA
2. Top: 200mm fan x 1, 1000 RPM, 23 dBA (converted to 2 x 120 / 140 mm fans)
3. Rear: 140mm fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 19 dBAn (converted to 120mm fan)
4. Side: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
5. Bottom: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)

Water cooling support:
- Top: 240mm optional   - Front: customizable
- Bottom: 240mm   - Rear: 120/140mm all-in-one (AIO) kit



Model SGC-5000-KKN1
SGC-5000-KWN1 (window version)
Available Color All Black
Material Steel body, Front Mesh / Plastic bezel
Dimension 250 x 605.6 x 578.5 mm (9.8 x 23.8 x 22.8 in)
Weight 14.4 KG / 31.7 lbs
13.7 KG / 30.2 lbs (window version)
M/B Type Micro-ATX, ATX, XL-ATX
5.25" Drive Bay 9
3.5" Drive Bay 8 (converted from 5.25” bay by two 4-in 3 HDD modules)
2.5" Drive Bay 13 (converted from 5.25” bay by two 4-in 3 HDD modules)
Cooling System Front: 120 mm LED fan x2 (1200 RPM, 17dBA)

Top: 200 mm fan x 1 (1000 RPM, 23 dBA)

Rear: 140 mm fan x1 (1200 RPM, 19 dBA) (converted to 120 mm fan)

Bottom: 120 mm fan x 2 (optional)

Side: 120 mm fan x 2 (optional)

How to wire fans
Expansion Slots 9+1
I/O Panel USB 3.0 x 2 (internal), USB 2.0 x 2, e-SATA x 1, Audio In and Out ( Supports HD audio)
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 / EPS 12V (optional)
Maximum Compatibility CPU cooler height: 186 mm / 7.3 in
GPU card length: 322 mm / 12.7 in
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102013928
884102015137 (window version)
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    • Click logo to read full review: : June 2012

      " Everywhere you turn the Trooper has some small but very useful feature that makes it a joy to work with. Even the X-Dock, which at first comes off as a gimmick, is very well designed and even fun to use. Turning on your system suddenly feels like starting a million dollar sports car. At its current price, the CM Storm Trooper is a steal."

      » Details  Gaming Approved : March 2012

      "A gaming system installed in the Cooler Master Storm Trooper computer case will give the owner a great looking system with room for plenty of high end gear, while also being highly portable (as long as you are strong enough to carry a 40-50 pound system with one hand). With that in mind, it earns the "Gaming Approved" award"

      » Details Editors Choice : January 2012

      "To wrap this up let me just say that this case was a pleasure to work with. This case is incredibly well constructed and the quality of it is just amazing for this price point. There is no doubt that this case will last you for several years of system upgrades. If you are looking for a full-tower case that checks nearly all of the boxes and comes in at less than 200 dollars, look no further. This case is very well deserving of our Editor’s Choice Award here at Motherboards.Org. "

      » Details Xtreme Award : January 2012

      "Overall, this case is a great addition to the storm family. The structure of the case is built solidly and is not flimsy in any way. The handle on top makes the case easy to carry from one room to the next or LAN party.  The X-Dock on the front is great for backup, but it’s a pain to remove a drive. The fan controller on top with the red LED colors looks great, along with the addition of 2 USB3.0 connections to help keep the Trooper up to date with the latest devices. The wire management on the Trooper is very well done, and I love the massive pre cut hole for all the extra PSU wires to fit through. I also love that from top to bottom it has removable dust filter. For only $190, the Cooler Master Trooper is an outstanding deal and one of the better full towers you’ll find on the market."

      » Details  Gold Silicon Award : January 2012

      "Overall, the CM Storm Trooper went above and beyond our expectations. The X-Dock on the front of the case was a superb addition for people who want quick and easy access to their 2.5? drives. The fan controller on top with the red LED colors looks great, along with the addition of 2 USB3.0 connections to help keep the Trooper up-to-date with the latest devices. The carrying handle was also a pleasant surprise to us and makes moving this beast around a lot easier. Although with this case fully loaded, it will still be a task in itself to move, because of the sheer weight and size, even with the padded  handle. The wire management on the Trooper is very well done, and we loved the massive pre-cut hole for all the extra PSU wires to fit through."

      » Details : January 2012

      "Without a doubt, the CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper is the best and most featured packed full tower computer case we ever tested. With an good attention to details and excellent build quality,  the CM Storp trooper is sure to satisfy even the most demanding gamer today."

      » Details : December 2011

      "Cooler Master has one nice case on their hands with the CM Storm Trooper. The overall look of the Trooper is reminiscent of the old Stacker series in the front panel, but with the stealthy style of the Storm series in the side and top panels. That is combined with one impressive list of features and cooling options out of the box with no mods."

      » Details Outstanding 90 : December 2011

      "The Trooper is an exciting new addition to Cooler Master's Storm series and possibly the company's best case yet in terms of features, functionality and in our opinion, aesthetics. Therefore, we've stamped it with our Outstanding award."

      » Details : November 2011

      "If you want to carry your computer with one hand and feel safe about it, the Cooler Master Storm Trooper will definitely give you that option. Retailing at $189.99 at press time, this is your gamer enthusiast chassis. Large and sturdy are the best ways to describe this beastly case. It even provides flexibility to control the fan speeds, and easy to remove dust filters for effortless cleaning."

      » Details  Gold : November 2011

      "The CM Storm Trooper performed well in terms of ease of assembly, thanks to the tool-less mounting options, and was able to keep temperatures within optimal thermal levels.......Component installation was swift and fairly straightforward, even without consulting the very detailed and well-organized user’s manual. It is aggressively styled but intelligently functional, able to fit all the latest hardware and provide exceptional thermal performance."

      » Details
      3dgameman - 100% KICKASS : November 2011

      "The Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case is a full-towe case, so there's plenty of room to work, lots of fan, excellent styling, handle at the top and a ton of other features that make this case a real trooper!"

      » Details  Great Hardware : October 2011

      "The Cooler Master Trooper is an excellent chassis that successfully checks all the boxes, with sleek aesthetics, extensive features, and attention to details that are generally only present in premium full tower cases. At this cases price point of $190, the Cooler Master Trooper is an outstanding deal and one of the better full towers you’ll find on the market. "

      » Details  Editors Choice : October 2011

      "One of the best cases PCWizKid has reviewed so far, well rounded full of features, attention to detail and terrific looks, the CM Storm Trooper kills the competition. "

      » Details  Editors Choice : October 2011

      "Cooling performance is right on par with previous generations in stock configuration and slightly better when switching drive cages and adding additional cooling. There’s plenty of potential for managing the hottest components on the planet. Being able to integrate your own flavor of water cooling is just a bonus especially for the hardcore enthusiasts. Given the CM Storm Trooper’s $189.99 US/CA price tag, enthusiasts should be scooping this case up for their current and future builds. It’s definitely priced very competitively with the rest of the pack."

      » Details
      HardwareSecrets: Golden Award : October 2011

      "The CM Storm Trooper, however, has so many outstanding features that we think that it brings a good value for the enthusiast looking for a full-tower case to build the ultimate high-end gaming system. For the average user, however, there are more affordable options on the market."

      » Details  Must Have Editors Choice : October 2011

      "The CM Storm Trooper offers so much that the pricing alomost makes you feel like you are stealing it! - It is the new full tower to buy from Cooler Master!"

      » Details : October 2011

      "This case is built with LAN gaming in mind. With a built in handle that supports just under 100lbs of weight, it should be able to carry any crazy water cooled triple SLI system you can fit inside. It supports XL-ATX boards, has room for over 14 drives and is hitting the shelves at $189 US at most retailers."

      » Details  10/10 : September 2011

      "Overall opinion points to one answer, I highly recommend the CM Storm Trooper to any game enthusiasts as well as a customizable workstation."

      » Details Crowned Product Award : September 2011

      "The Trooper packs a punch when it comes to features.  The unique and groundbreaking features include the 4-in-3 rotatable and removable drive bays, the built-in fan controller, the X-dock 2.5-inch HDD dock, USB 3.0 built-in, rubber cable management hole covers, an integrated carry handle made for 90lbs of weight, numerous radiator and additional cooling options, and many removable fan filters for easy cleaning."

      » Details
      Pro-Clockers: Editors Choice : September 2011

      "The Trooper consist of a lot of features that you will be hard pressed to find in just one case. One of those features would be the dual carrying handles found in the top of the case. Cooler Master knows that the Trooper is a heavy and even heavier when it is fully built, so the use of two handles makes it easier to carry. And you don’t have to worry about support for all the weight. And it isn’t too often you find handles in a full-size tower."

      » Details  9/10 : September 2011

      "This case really shines though when it comes to portability and flexibility.  It is nice being able to choose the orientation of the drive bays to allow for personal preference.  The handle is comfortable to hold and neither the case, nor the handle, flex when picking it up fully loaded with hardware. The Trooper is a case offering that should be near the top of the list for anyone who is in the market for a full tower case.  The MSRP of $189.99 makes it about middle of the range for this sort of case.  The CM Storm Trooper is quite possibly the best case I have reviewed this year, so I am happy to award it 9/10 – LanOC Recommended."

      » Details  Golden Tachometer : September 2011

      "At an MSRP of $189.99, the Storm Trooper is about the price of Cooler Master's various HAF series cases. While more expensive than most mid-tower cases, the price is actually pretty good for a full tower cases at this level, undercutting those like the Thermaltake Level 10 GT and the various Silverstone and Lian Li cases by over a hundred dollars. There are cheaper full tower cases available, of course, but the Storm Trooper provides an excellent combination of vaule and function. "

      » Details
      Hardwarecanucks: Dam Good : September 2011

      "With a number of now-legendary cases under their belt, Cooler Master has been known for understanding what gamers and enthusiasts want in their cases. The new Storm Trooper is a full tower case that's poised to continue this tradition and is not only packed with features but it comes in at a very reasonable price as well."

      » Details  Furious 5 of 5 : September 2011

      "We're going to make a bold statement and say that the CM Storm Trooper is the best looking case we have ever seen. The overall styling has perfect lines to complement the features and yet allows them to blend in with exceptional balance. A great example of this is the carrying handles."

      » Details Recommended : September 2011

      "On top of portability, the Cooler Master Storm also includes features such as damage resistant rubberized outer surfaces, an impressive top mounted control panel, support for up to 14 SSDs, ample room for all of today's largest components and accommodation for multiple water-cooling configurations. All of this makes the Storm Troop an ideal case for any gamer, and at $189 it is well below the price of other high-end cases such as the Corsair 800D or Thermaltake Level 10 GT."

      » Details Golden Bear : September 2011

      "The Cooler Master Storm Trooper chassis is definitely a recommended case for enthusiasts that go to gaming events. For a price of $189.99, the CM Storm Trooper is definitely worth what it offers. The CM Storm Trooper earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award."

      » Details

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