Wake Up Folio
C-IP2F-SCWU (Discontinued)

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A colorful and smart way to protect and use an Apple iPad, Wake Up Folio brings a touch of color to a sea of gray devices. As a seamless protective accessory, the Wake Up Folio durable outer shell and microfiber inner lining ensure that your tablet remains safe and secure. In using a Wake Up Folio, users prevent scratches and scuffs associated with daily use.

Model C-IP2F-SCWU-WW (White)
C-IP2F-SCWU-KK (Black)
C-IP2F-SCWU-TW (Orange)
C-IP2F-SCWU-GW (Green)
Compatibility iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 2
Material Polycarbonate, Microfiber, Polyurethane and eco-leather
Dimension 245x193x13 mm / 9.6x7.6x0.5 inch
Weight 236.5g / 0.83Oz
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102011368 (White)
884102013423 (Pink)
884102011412 (Black)
884102013430 (Orange)
884102013436 (Blue)
884102013416 (Gray)
884102013467 (Green)
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      Mac-forums.com : May 2012

      "Overall, I very much like the Wake Up Folio case. It takes the awesomeness of the Smart Cover and adds an entire iPad case."

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      Technobuffalo.com : April 2012

      "After a few weeks of use, however, I’m not sure I’ll ever take the case off. The Folio makes the iPad seem more like a book than a tablet, and super protected. The version I have has a textured back which also helps when placing it on surfaces to keep it from sliding around, a feature I didn’t realize I needed until I had it.


      If you’re someone who throws their iPad in a bookbag or purse while you’re out and about, then the Choiix Wake Up Folio is an excellent case choice. The case keeps your tablet protected from all side from scratches and general damage without weighing it down."

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      Lanoc.org: 8/10
      lanoc.org : March 2012

      "Its simplicity is what I liked about it. It didn’t add a lot of bulk to the iPad, while protecting it from scratches and dings that come with normal usage. There are more robust options out there that offer more protection in the way of extreme drops, but are general of a higher price point. This case comes in under $40, which is on par with the case Apple tries to sell you on their site. The bottom line is the case works well, has a nice feel, will protect the iPad from normal usage, and is priced reasonably."

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      Umlan.com:  10/10
      Umlan.com : February 2012

      "So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself a Choiix Wake Up Folio. You get both, a fully protected case w/ smart cover and a tablet stand all in one. There's no need to think twice about the product because it is an affordable stylish product."

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      Thinkcomputers.org 9/10
      thinkcomputers.org : February 2012

      "The Wake Up Folio from Choiix is a great case for your iPad 2.  It is not the ordinary case that just protect the back of your iPad, it is actually a 3-in-1 case.  Of course it is a normal case that you snap your iPad into for protection.  The front cover not only protects your iPad, but it is a smart cover as well.  So when you open it your iPad will wake up and when you close it your iPad will go to sleep.  Finally when you fold the smart cover back your can turn it into a stand for easy viewing and typing on your iPad.  So this case really is 3 products in one!"

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      Macgasm.net : February 2012

      "If you’re looking for a full body case for the iPad 2 but want to enjoy the benefits of a Smart Cover, the Wake Up Folio might just be for you. Providing protection for the front and back, as well as magnet integration for wake and sleep in a one piece case, Coolermaster has a great product on its hands."

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      Imore.com : January 2012

      "If you like the Smart Cover but don’t like its propensity to fall off or the lack of protection it provides the back plate, you’ll love the Choiix Wake Up Folio for iPad 2."

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      ilounge.com : December 2011

      "There are cutouts along the edges for the headphone port, microphone, Sleep/Wake button and rear camera, side switch and volume rocker, and Dock Connector port, as well as a grate over the speaker that allows audio to pass through. Either version is quite a bargain compared to what Apple is offering."

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