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Choiix Wave Stand is constructed from high quality aluminum. It is a foldable universal tablet stand that is designed with a dial wheel function. The central arm is easily adjusted to meet a user’s needs. Through this, PC users will be able to find a viewing angle that is similar to their home screen. This allows a user to have the ability to achieve a natural view in landscape or portrait orientations.

  • Foldable universal tablet stand
  • Slim size for convenient carry

  • Support table PC in landscape and portrait orientation
  • Premium aluminum fits your tablet in style
  • Compatible with iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer, and most tablet PCs

Material Aluminum and rubber
Dimension 148x100x32 mm / 5.8x3.9x1.3 inch
Weight 336g / 11.6 Oz
Color Silver
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102013508
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      Lanoc.org:  9/10
      lanoc.org : March 2012

      "Its simplicity is what sells this as a tablet stand solution. It works, isn’t overpriced, and the styling is attractive. The kitchen scenario is likely where it will continue to be used in my house. For mobile use the folding case should be sufficient, though this stand is compact enough that it could be thrown in a bag if you watch movies on the go. There are of course other stands out there on the marked, some even under the $40 price tag, but with the attractive design, variable angles that stay put, I quite simply like this stand."

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      Gizmofusion.com : March 2012

      "In my opinion if you have a tablet this is a must have stand. If you don’t have a tablet go get one then get this stand. It is so simple but it give you so many options. It’s small and compact yet extremely durable. No matter what you want to do with your tablet this is the stand for you."

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      The Chris Voss Show
      The Chris Voss Show : January 2012

      Wave Stand for iPad 2, Xoom, Playbook, TouchPad, Flyer Tablets Review on The Chris Voss Show


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      PCWizKid: Recommended
      pcwizkidstechtalk.com : January 2012


      "With a 2 year warranty, the Choiix Wave does fit the bill for your iPad since thats usually how long most people use them until they upgrade to the next latest model.  The Chooix Wave has a solid feel and quality to it, its simple design makes it straight forward to use and there arent any quirks for it as long as you use the Ipad 2.  We found the rubber grips holding the side were to madefor the Ipad 1.0  in this case, but if you have a newer iPad 2 model your good to go."

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      Digitalreviews.net : January 2012

      "I really couldn't find any flaws with this product.  With the simple aluminum design, it is sturdy and will be able to resist bumps and falls.  We can only wait and see at the moment to find out how well the hinge lasts in the product.  Because of the universal design of the product, this product will be long lasting in the sense that you can use it with nearly any tablet or flat device.  This product currently sells for $39.99 at Newegg.com which is definitely reasonable given the design and materials used in this product.  If you are looking for a stand for your tablet, I'd highly recommend the Choiix Wave Stand."

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      Xtremetechjunkies.com: Xtreme Award
      Xtremetechjunkies.com : January 2012

      "The Choiix Wave Stand is a very useful device for those that would need such an item. It will allow the user to securely hold your valuable tablet and interact with it in landscape or portrait mode.The thickness of the Wave Stand make it very sturdy, so chances are it will easily last as long as your tablet. This is a definitely a must have for any tablet user."

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      Thetechnodaily.com : January 2012

      "The Choiix Wave Stand has a very clean and executive look. The design is so clean, it looks like something that would be made by Apple. The primary material of the Wave Stand is aluminum. It looks great and matches the color of the iPad itself."

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      iphonefreak.com : December 2011

      "The central bar can be adjusted through 135 degrees, allowing for an upright to an almost flat display angle.  It’s difficult to imagine you’d need much more flexibility when it came to choosing your angle of display.  The low center of gravity should stop the stand from tipping over when it’s supporting your tablet too."

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      iphonelife.com : December 2011

      "This stand is made of aluminum with rubber tips to help hold the iPad in position and protect the iPad from getting scratched. The stand is very compact and lightweight. This is a great way for users who do not use other cases or stands to position their iPad for tapping for watching movies and other activities."

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      Pro-clockers.com: Must Have
      pro-clockers.com : December 2011

      "The Choiix Wave Stand is a very useful device for those that would need such an item. It will allow the user to securely hold your valuable tablet and interact with it in landscape or portrait mode. The rubber ends gives the unit enough holding support to allow the user to swype at will with confidence. The thickness of the Wave Stand make it very sturdy, so chances are it will easily last as long as your tablet.

      This is a definately a must have for any tablet user."

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      Umlan.com:  10/10
      Umlan.com : December 2011

      "So why not make the Choiix Wave Stand your number one tablet accessory?  In my opinion, I see no reason not to get the Choiix Wave Stand.  Since, it is Universal, I can use it with all the tablets that I own and I can position my tablet according to the way I am sitting so I will always remain comfortable and hands free. You must be wondering where you can purchase a Choiix Wave Stand from?  This product will launch today at your favorite E-tailers for only $40.  That’s fairly a good price in the market.  After reviewing the Choiix Wave Stand, UMLan would like to provide the Choiix Wave Stand a 10/10 on the following list of pros and cons right below."

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      Reviewhorizon.com : December 2011

      "The Cooler Master Wave Stand is able to accommodate all of them, and more, in Portrait and Landscape position. I really like the overall weight and sturdiness, it gives you a feeling of security. While not the cheapest (onthe contrary you might say), in my opinion Cooler Master Wave Stand well worth its price (around $40) and it is the best tablet stand I have seen to date. "

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      Tipb.com : December 2011

      "The Choiix Wave Stand for iPad is an aluminum holder that will work for any tablet. It’s beautiful looking — almost Apple-esque — well-made, sturdy, and inexpensive, what’s not to love?"


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