Power Fort 5600 mAh
C-2021-W1S0 (White); C-2021-K1S0 (Black)

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A portable battery charger that provides instant power anytime, anywhere, Power Fort can charge almost every electronic device that utilizes a USB port to charge. These may include Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phones, Tablets, portable gaming devices, and MP3 players. Its special bypass circuit design prevents damage resulting from the charging-discharging process and thus ensures a longer lifetime compared to other similar products. Power Fort features a built-in battery life LED indicator that easily notifies the user of the charge level.  Power Fort incorporates world-class safeguards such as Short Circuit, Over-Charge / Discharge, and Over Temperature Protection. This gives the battery up to 500 charges while still being capable of a high charge percentage. 

  • Compatible with Smartphone and tablet PCs
  • LED indicators show remaining battery life
  • Over charge protection/ Over discharge protection
  • Over current protection / Over circuit protection
  • Battery holds a charge for extended periods without use

Model C-2021-W1S0 (White)
C-2021-K1S0 (Black)
Power Capacity 5600 mAh
Battery Type Li-Ion Battery
Dimension 80.6 x 60.7 x 26 mm (3.17 x 2.39 x 1.02 inch)
Weight 32g (4.6 Oz)
Recharging Time 6 – 8 hours
Warranty 1 year on battery unit
2 years on other components
UPC Code 884102013881 (Black)
884102013867 (White)
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      Digitaltrends.com : April 2012

      " It was a lifesaver for us at CES this year and has two big things going for it: it’s reasonably priced, and it functions like it should, which is to say really well. It doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty small and stylish, too. Yes we would like an even smaller version, and yes we would like a wall charger thrown in for good measure, but for $40 we really can’t complain. Save yourself some time and money and pick one up."

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      Thinkcomputers.org 9/10
      thinkcomputers.org : March 2012

      "Before I had this device I never thought I would need something like it, but after using it for a couple of weeks I don’t leave the house without it.  There are so many times that my phone dies and there is no where I can plug it in.  The Power Fort gives you the charging power you need at anytime you need it regardless of where you you are.  Say you are on an airplane, on the subway, or out with your friends the Power Fort has you covered."

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      Umlan.com:  9/10
      Umlan.com : February 2012

      "Realistically, I never thought such a tiny portable battery can provide such capacity and energy boost. When I first charged the device, I was only expecting about 2 hours to fully charge but I really under estimated the capacity of this bank because of size until I realized I needed to wait about 4-5 hours till full charge. I am quite impressed and pleased with my first Choiix power bank. Choiix is a very faithful company developing such creative assorted mobile and tablet accessories, I would like to say “Thank you again Choiix for such a great product”. UMLan would like to provide Choiix Power Fort C-2021-K1S0 a score of 9/10"

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      Technobuffalo.com : February 2012

      "Ultimately, I’m a huge fan of the Choiix Power Fort. The battery is great for carrying around with you everyday for emergency charging, and is compatible with virtually every smartphone on the market as well as a number of other portable devices making it a great thing to have on hand for all your gadgets while traveling."

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      Lanoc.org: 8/10
      lanoc.org : February 2012

      "I think the best testament to the Power Fort is that I want one in my bag. I will definitely get one just as an “emergency backup” in case I really need it. It’s performance is exemplary and it charged my phone must faster than my wall charger, which means it is less time the phone has to be tethered to the Power Fort. It’s no heavier than the Mophie JuicePack attached to the phone, and contains larger battery storage than the Mophie. It even comes with a nice little carrying pouch to keep it from getting scuffed up. Remember kids; keep the greasy side down and the shiny side up!"

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      The Chris Voss Show
      The Chris Voss Show : February 2012

      Power Fort 5600 mAh Rechargable Battery Pack Review on The Chris Voss Show



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      The-gadgeteer.com : January 2012

      "During testing, I invited many friends to “power up” while at lunch or out after work. I saw every phone go from being “in the red” to completely or nearly full in every case. Usual time for, say, an iPhone 4 at 20% was 40-50 minutes to get into the 80% range. That’s a nice bump when you’re facing the prospect of a long drive home and have forgotten to top-off during the day."

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      Aphnetworks.com : January 2012

      "If your time schedule is important to you, knocking off 20 to 30 minutes in charging time is quite significant. However, on the realistic side of things, if you fully charge the Power Fort 5600 before hand, this little beast can keep your devices going, much like the Energizer Bunny. In my opinion, the Choiix Power Fort 5600 is a very convenient portable charger for feeding extra power whenever you need it, for the primary purpose of serving times when you forget to charge your device, or for those long day trips nobody wants to be at."

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      ilounge.com : December 2011

      "Choiix's new pebble-shaped backup battery solution, Power Fort 5600mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack ($70), packs a powerful punch given how small it looks. Measuring 3.17" x 2.39" x 1.02", it's a good size for carrying around in a bag or purse, inside or outside the included storage satchel. One end has a Micro USB input for recharging the battery, while the other side has a full-sized USB output at 2.1A. Although Apple's products are heavily promoted on the packaging and website, there's no Dock Connector cable included, but there is one for Mini USB. The company claims six hours extended usage time for the iPad or iPad 2, 127 hours for iPods, and 28 hours for iPhones. Power Fort is available in black and white."

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