NotePal X3

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Designed to transcend the typical issues that plague laptop coolers, NotePal X3 utilizes a massive 200mm fan, metal mesh base, and a dial wheel fan speed controller all in conjunction with one another to most effectively cool laptops up to 17”. In addition, a light breeze is directed towards your hands to keep them cool when working or playing under pressure.
An integrated USB hub provides extra connections to give you the choice to add more peripherals and drives. Cooling enthusiasts with a need for a little flair will be overwhelmed by the performance of the NotePal X3 and the allure of its blue LED.
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Aerodynamic Design Provides Maximum Cooling

Aerodynamic design airflow gets rid of performance reducing heat and enhances cooling performance by up to 20% when compared to no cooling pad.
Laptop Stays Cool and Looks Cool

Quiet yet powerful 200 mm fan with a neon blue LED helps circulate excess heat from your laptop. Adjustable fan speed gives you the best balance between silence and performance.
No More Sweaty Hands

Front vent provides a smooth breeze keeping your hands cool and dry.
Get Rid Of Back and Neck Pain

NotePal X3 is ergonomically design for a better viewing and typing angle, allowing you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods without straining your neck, back and wrist. Great at home or in the office.


Model R9-NBC-NPX3-GP
Color Black
Material Plastics, Metal mesh, Rubber
Weight 0.9 kg, 1.98 lbs
Dimension 400 x 310 x 51~71mm
Fan Dimension 200 x 200 x 20mm fan
Fan Speed 500 ~ 850(+-15%) R.P.M.
Fan Speed Adjustment Fan speed dial
Fan Airflow 65 ~ 76.5 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 16 ~ 23 dBA
Power USB 5V DC
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x1,
Mini-USB x1 (For power input)
Power consumption 0.22 ~ 0.28A,
1.1 ~ 1.4W
Compatibility Support ups to 17" laptops
Warranty 1 year
UPC Code 884102014765
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    • Click logo to read full review: : September 2012

      "Compared to the other laptop coolers I’ve owned, the CoolerMaster NotePal X3 is bar none the best I’ve used. Where others didn’t give an exciting design, didn’t fit laptops nicely nor did much in terms of cooling, this unit excelled in all those categories. It took no time to set it up and the performance was great. This device runs for $33.99 on Amazon which is a little higher than the competition, but that’s very understandable (and reasonable) after using it. Overall, the CoolerMaster NotePal X3 laptop cooling pad is everything it was hyped up to be and comes highly recommended for purchase."

      » Details Crowned Product Award : June 2012

      "Overall, the cooling performance of the Notepal X3 should be more than adequate for a wide variety of high performance laptops.  If you really need more than what a 200mm fan offers you, Cooler Master also has their high-end SF-19 cooler available as well.  The styling adds a bit of personality to a relatively simple accessory, and the blue LEDs and accents add a splash of color to it as well.  The mesh top is sturdy and airy, and the LED and fan switches are in a convenient location on the left side.  We would like to see more than a single USB 2.0 port on the side, but it's nice to at least not lose a port when using the cooler."

      » Details  Silver : April 2012

      "Overall, the NotePal X3 is a nice laptop cooling pad. It's slim enough to be portable, offers quiet operation, and is completely USB powered. However, two of the main selling points, the LED lighting and hand blower, have issues. That brings the cooler down and keeps it as a good pad, and not an exceptional one. With that being said, I think it has the best looks out of the coolers that can be found within the same price range. The only other that can rival it in looks, within the price range, is Cooler Master's NotePal Infinite Evo. I would recommend the Cooler Master NotePal X3 for anyone that wants a stylish laptop cooler with good performance."

      » Details  Great Value : March 2012

      "For about $40, the NotePal X3 is reasonably priced against the competition. It operates as a bit of a mini hub, in addition to a cooler, comes with silent fan operation, handy but basic features, and performs very well. If you’re in the market for a notebook cooler, this Cooler Master NotePal X3 is a compelling option. "

      » Details : March 2012


      "The X3 has a nice look as well as some usable features. The ergonmic design made playing CSS or just using the laptop feel pretty comfortable. We really liked the hand dryer, because as hardcore gamers, we know that if your hands arent sweating, you’re probably not doing it right, and a built in air vent beats wiping your hands on your pants every 90 seconds any day of the week. The blue LED looks great at night, and having the option to turn it down or all the way off is a big plus. Released on February 14th with an MSRP of 39.99, the X3 Notepal from Cooler Master is the newest laptop cooler out, and if you’re in the market we suggest you give the X3 a strong look"

      » Details : February 2012

      "The X3 is portable and aesthetically pleasing, sans its rubber ends. It does a great job of keeping both my laptop and my knees cool. If I had to choose between burning legs and a few bucks, I’d definitely fork over the money."

      » Details Recommended Silver : February 2012

      "The Cooler Master NotePal X3 does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it at a decent price.  It has a pretty standard set of features, and offers good performance at the expense of a little extra noise.  I use my T410 as my main workstation and it sits in a pretty fancy dock that allows me a bunch of extra USB connections, eSATA ports, 2 Display Ports, 2 DVI ports and a lot more."

      » Details  Bang for Buck Award : February 2012

      "Overall, if you’re in the market for a Notebook Cooler, you could do much, much worse than the Cooler Master Notepal X3. From the Cooling Performance, to the quality of the cooler itself, Cooler Master has built a truly capable Notebook Cooler. They always live up to their namesake when it comes to cooling performance."

      » Details 10/10 : February 2012

      "The Notepal X3 is the best product for those looking for a great laptop-cooling accessory. The ergonomics of the device helps to keep the user at comfortable level so that they will be able to use their laptop without compromising space as this holds up to laptops that are 17inches. It is a great device for anyone looking for a way to move air around. The lightweight glossy design, blue led lights, and silent 200mm make this a premium buy for any Notebook. I can highly recommend this for anyone looking for an upgrade."

      » Details  Recommended : February 2012

      "The Cooler Master NotePal is one of the best looking cooler to come across our doorsteps. The big 'X' design still remains a part of the series. Using a large fan than the previous model, the 200mm unit in this cooler shows more promise than the smaller fans of the x3. The blue LED adds a little splash but only if the user wants to show it off."

      » Details : February 2012

      "Overall the X3 is perfectly suited for someone with a high end gaming laptop. The full mesh top ensures that however your laptop is designed it is sure to circulate air optimally. It is light enough to take with you and perfect for keeping at your desk. With its 200mm fan, cooling performance is not an issue. If you need something serious to keep your gaming laptop cool, and you have $39.99 to burn, you likely won’t do better than the X3. "

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