CM Storm Speed-RX

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Developed specifically for high-grade optical gaming sensors (but also compatible with all lasers as well), the Speed-RX is equipped with a microscopic synthetic mesh for optimum precision, reduced drag thanks to nano-fibers with an aggressive non-slip rubber base, and better overall comfort from a 5mm thick cushion. The triple layer heat bonding process ensures you get a durable gaming pad that won’t let you down.
  • Microscopic Synthetic Mesh for optimum precision
  • Smooth nano fibers for reduced drag and better comfort
  • Grip coating on bottom side to keep the mousepad in place
  • Extra thick (5mm) soft rubber center piece for better ergonomics and endurance
  • Triple Layer heat bonding process for improved durability and prevent peeling

Model SGS-4030-KLMM1
Available Color Black
Base 100% Natural Rubber
Dimension 450 x 350 mm (SGS-4030-KLMM1)
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102015854 (SGS-4030-KLMM1)
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    • Click logo to read full review: 5 Stars : February 2013

      "If you’ve got the desktop space for a monster mat big enough to smother a litter of kittens, any one of these is a good investment and at a very reasonable price. (Personally, I’m still trying to decide on my favorite between the Power-RX and Control-RX.)"

      » Details : December 2012

      "I’m not a big fan of mouse pads since most mice are now optical and a ball mouse is pretty much obsolete, but once I laid out the Speed-RX L, I fell in love. At a whopping 450 x 350 x 5 mm (17.72 x 13.78 x .19 inches), it is a monster for my small desk, taking up almost half of the work space. The top is made out of Duracloth™, making it super smooth, and the bottom is made out of 100% rubber, keeping it in place a definite. "

      » Details Editors Choice Gold : November 2012

      "The CM Storm Speed-RXL mouse pad with the Duracloth surface was a pleasure to use.  Its large surface area is great for gaming and cleans up easily.  That being said, even with the few weeks that I had the pad, I could see signs that the edges were stating to fray.  As the pad is made from rubber and cloth it could get damaged if you don’t take good care of it.  It can be found on the internet for $20, and this is a fair price for such a large pad – but with some quality issues potentially lurking after a few months use, it could be a bit cheaper to offer better value.  Most mouse surfaces I compared the Speed-RXL to were around the $10-12 range that were constructed of similar materials and were roughly the same size."

      » Details : October 2012

      "At $40, the CMSTORM Recon is a fairly inexpensive mouse compared to other gaming mice especially considering what it brings to the table. With a range of 800 to 4000DPI, the CMSTORM Recon can make you deadly accurate as an in-game sniper, or allow you to easily turn and spray bullets by just moving the mouse a fraction of an inch. The mouse was extremely comfortable, and the ability to change its colors gave it a rather pleasing aesthetic appearance.

      The Skorpion mouse bungee and the Speed RXL mouse pad, while not necessary in order to use the CMSTORM Recon, made for very nice accessories. The giant mouse pad created a perfect gaming surface and believe it or not, I actually found the mouse bungee to be pretty useful. Mice cords can get in your way depending on how your work area, and the bungee serves to allieviate any such issue. In the end I would definitely recommend all three CMSTORM mouse products for gamers looking to upgrade their arsenal of gaming peripherals!"

      » Details  Bang for Buck Award : October 2012

      "The CM Storm Speed RX L is by far the biggest, and best, mouse pad I have used to date. The price-tag reflects the size and quality of the pad (not cheap), but this is definitely a worthy purchase for those of you who want a whole lot of mouse pad. "

      » Details : October 2012  We unbox and rebox the Cooler Master CM Storm Speed-RXL Gaming Mousepad




      » Details Recommended Product : October 2012

      "The Skorpion is a truly unique and special product that requires your attention. It made gaming with a wired mouse a much more carefree and fluid experience."

      » Details Recommended : July 2012

      "During testing of the Advance II, the mouse responded with eye tearing speed when set at 8200 DPI, but even at lower settings the Advance II was still very responsive. It's a good thing the Speed-RXL is available a larger surface area, 450x350 mm, to support a greater degree of movement. The CM Storm Speed-RX series gaming mat prices start around $19.99 and get pricier according to size, but they are well worth it as dollar for dollar you will not find a better value."

      » Details Gold Awesome Award : May 2012

      "For right handed gamers who predominantly use the palm grip, the CM Storm Sentinel Advance II with its all new Avago ADNS-9800 sensor is an excellent mouse featuring top notch performance at a great price."

      » Details  Great Value : May 2012

      "The Sentinel Advance II is in a tough market but it's well priced, and gamers who want extensive features that won't cost a fortune would do well to take a look at this mouse."

      » Details  Gold : May 2012

      "Overall, I really like the CM Storm Sentinel Advance II. The build quality is excellent. The design seems to fit a larger hand very well. There are tons of buttons and more than enough profiles for extensive programming. The upgraded laser offers even more speed and accuracy for all gamers. Cooler Master took a good product and made it even better. I'd recommend the Sentinel Advanced II gaming mouse to all gamers out there."

      » Details  Golden Tachometer : May 2012

      "The CM Storm Sentinel Advance Laser Mouse is set to launch at an MSRP of $59.99. That's ten dollars less than the original Sentinel Advance started for and I think it's a great price point for this mouse. This is about the middle of the road for gaming mice and with all the construction and functionality the Sentinel Advance II offers, it's a great deal. The RX Pad is set for an MSRP of $19.99 and I would highly recommend that as well. "

      » Details Diamond Award : April 2012

      "The CM Storm Speed-RX Large mouse pad is designed for high end optical and laser mice, and is designed for gamers and anyone else who demand the most accurate mouse tracking. The Speed-RX certainly delivers on this. It is rigid, built to last, stays in place, and improves tracking on both laser mice I tested on it. The result of this is an improved gaming experience. Its massive size will make it impossible to run out of space, so you won't be re-positioning your mouse in-game anymore."

      » Details

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