CM Storm QuickFire Pro

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Equipped with high-grade CHERRY MX switches, laser engraved keycaps, “Gaming Cluster” backlighting with user changeable modes, and an unheard of N-Key rollover in USB mode, QuickFire Pro, the choice for serious gamers. It supplies what gamers need to gain the edge in today’s gaming scene by enabling faster key presses and response times and a detachable high quality USB cable makes travel easier than ever. The competition begins and ends with the QuickFire Pro.


  • Mechanical CHERRY MX switches
  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • NKRO in USB mode
  • Multimedia shortcuts
  • 1000Hz/1ms response time
  • Windows key disabled in game mode
  • Partial Red LED backlight
  • Removable braided USB cable with cable routing





Model SGK-4010-GKCC1 (CHERRY Black) *
SGK-4010-GKCL1 (CHERRY Blue) *
SGK-4010-GKCM1 (CHERRY Brown) *
SGK-4010-GKCR1 (CHERRY Red) *
Key Switch CHERRY Black / Blue/ Brown/ Red *
N key Rollover 6/Full N Key
Polling Rate 1000HZ/1ms
Backlighting Partial Keys
Windows Key Disable Yes
Media Keys Yes
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
Cable Length 1.8 m
Dimension 454(L) x 155(W) x 31(H) mm
17.9(L) x 6.1 (W) x 1.2(H) inch
Weight 1300 g / 2.86 lb
Warranty 2 years
UPC Code 884102015687: SGK-4010-GKCC1 (Black)
884102015670: SGK-4010-GKCL1 (Blue)
884102015694: SGK-4010-GKCM1 (Brown)
884102015700: SGK-4010-GKCR1 (Red)
Notice * availability depends on regions
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    • Click logo to read full review: : October 2012

      "Solid keyboard, solid value
      I can’t deny it: the Quickfire Pro won and its Cherry MX Black switches won me over. "

      » Details Gold Awesome Award : September 2012

      "While some competitors include features such as USB hubs, audio pass throughs, NKRO, lower price points, or even full LED backlighting, none feature the solid build quality of the CM Storm QuickFire Pro at the price Cooler Master is asking. Those looking for a solid mechanical gaming keyboard at a very reasonable price, be sure to take a good, hard look at the CM Storm QuickFire Pro."

      » Details Recommended : July 2012

      "When you put it all together, the Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Pro is an impressive keyboard. The industrial styling would go perfectly with your HAF case for example. Personally I would rather see the keyboard have a smoother finish, but the current design helps it stand out from the 1000’s of mechanical keyboards on the market. What really helps it stand out is the long list of keys that have backlighting, nearly every key you might end up using while playing any pc game has back lighting, a major improvement over the FPS friendly WASD. If you play LoL or DOTA this is your only option short of the more expensive full backlit keyboards on the market."

      » Details  Silver Award : July 2012

      "Typing on this keyboard, in general feels an absolute pleasure, and in-general there are less ‘typos’ produced as the response and tactile ‘feedback’ is much greater than that of a ‘Soft touch’ model. In all fairness we have to mention that the general typing is hampered by the absence of a ‘wrist rest’ and as such, if one is utilising this product in this medium then one may be subject to a certain degree of strain.

      If we revisit the style and cut of the controller and its subtle ‘evilness’, then combined with the volcano-red lighting effects, then the Quidkfire Pro should do any seasoned megalomaniac, James Bond ‘Uber’ villain or gamer proud."

      » Details Editors Choice Gold : July 2012

      "I think that Cooler Master hit a home-run with the QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  It is priced on the low end (for a mechanical keyboard) and is loaded with features and has a great fell to it.

      If you are in the market for a high quality mechanical gaming keyboard the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard definitely deserves consideration.  This is why I am giving the QuickFire Pro the "Gold Wrench Award". "

      » Details 9/10 : June 2012

      "Cooler Master has one hell of a product on their hands. A precedent that was first set by a LAN Party prize mouse has just been carried to the next level with the Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Keyboard."

      » Details  Must Have Best Value : May 2012

      "CM Storm QuickFire Pro uses Cherry MX browns on every key, has a few cool lighting effects, on the fly adjustments, multimedia control all without the need for a driver and at a great price!"

      » Details : May 2012

      "All said, Cooler Master's Quick Fire Pro is an easy recommendation for anyone shopping a mechanical plank. The question is, which key switches will you choose?"

      » Details  Bronze : May 2012

      "The QuickFire Pro is the ideal model for those who are looking for a (partially) illuminated keyboard and don’t care about function keys and other configurations."

      » Details 9/10 : May 2012

      "I’ve been using this for some time now,  and I like it.  It is a bit big, bulky and stands about 1.5 inches high off the desk.  But for the gamer it is pretty nice."

      » Details
      Modders-inc - Editors Choice : May 2012

      "The QuickFire Pro is everything you could expect from a full layout mechanical keyboard and at $99.99 it comes in at a respectable value for those looking to jump into a high end mechanical keyboard for their gaming needs."

      » Details  Hot Product : May 2012

      "There is an inherent cost difference between the rubber dome vs mechanical, but give mechanical a try and you will see the difference mechanical switches make.  Cooler Master has this keyboard priced at under $100 and they offer a 2 year warranty.  The keys are rated for 50 million presses and this keyboard is built to last.  If you are a gamer or just someone looking for a mechanical keyboard you should check out the QuickFire Pro. "

      » Details  Gold : May 2012

      "Overall the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro left a pleasant experience in my typing and gaming tests. The Cherry MX brown switches provide a nice balance between tactility and responsiveness without the loud "clicky" noises of Cherry MX blues and was completely silent if your fingers are light enough not to bottom out each keypress. While the partial backlit keys might not be for everyone, the NKRO through USB toggle functionality is definitely a welcome feature for hardcore gamers."

      » Details Diamond Award : April 2012

      "This is the second mechanical keyboard we've seen from Cooler Master, and they continue to impress. Like the QuickFire Rapid, the QuickFire Pro has an excellent build quality, visual appeal, convenience, and even an attractive value over other mechanical keyboards."

      » Details : April 2012

      "At $99, newcomers to the mechanical keyboard may realm balk at the higher price tag. But honestly, it’s worth it. The heavy duty construction ensures the QuickFire Pro won’t fall to normal drops and bumps. Likewise, the Cherry MX switches are rated for 50 million+ keystrokes. For comparisons sake, your typical “modern” keyboard with non-mechanical keys is rated for a few million. Clearly, they are built to last. To some, that is more than worthy of the price. "

      » Details
      Techgage: Editors Choice : April 2012

      "Everything said, this is one of the best keyboards I've ever used, and if I didn't care either about dedicated media keys or the macro keys, I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. At $99, the QuickFire Pro is very well-built, performs extremely well, and is a joy to use. Oh, and in case it matters, it looks good, too."

      » Details  Great Value : April 2012

      "Sleek aesthetics, strong build quality, and excellent price make the Cooler Master QuickFire Pro a fantastic value mechanical keyboard. "

      » Details : April 2012

      "In addition to mechanical key switches, the QuickFire Pro boasts laser-marked keycaps with a non-glossy matte finish, a set of extra keycaps (key puller tool included), 1ms response time in USB mode, a Game mode that disables the Windows key, partial red LED lighting, and a braided USB cable. If you are into gaming then this keyboard is a MUST HAVE for you. With a price of $99.99 this will last you many years and like I said it goes with your typing style.  So keep an eye on the Cooler Master site for availability and get yours before the rest!"

      » Details Silver Key Award : April 2012

      "We liked the QuickFire Rapid when we tested it out. Of course there were things that we wanted to see on that keyboard. If we had of waited for a few days we would have found almost all of them in the QuickFire Pro. Here we have almost everything we could want in a keyboard for gaming. We have our gaming cluster backlit, the keyboard is stable enough and heavy enough that it won’t scoot around the desk, there is no worry about hitting keys out of order or hitting two keys at once, and so much more. We found that our movements in games like Dirt 3 and Hawx2 were cleaner (less jerky) while movement in our favorite first person shooters was considerably more controlled than with other keyboards we have used.  Even the $100 price tag is not a turn off for the QuickFire Pro as it more than matches the price tag with features and quality. If you are looking for a solid gaming keyboard that comes complete with mechanical switches, replaceable keys, backlighting and more then you will surely want to pick up the CM Storm QuickFire Pro."

      » Details  9/10 : April 2012

      " In game play, I really liked the new features and new improvements made developing this keyboard, almost perfect! I love the fact that it comes with back lighted adjustable LED as well as the laser marked inscribed keys as bonus. I’m sure that the Quick Fire Rapid was much harder for key stroking compared to the medium resistant keys on the Quick Fire Pro and I should claim that the CMSTORM Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard maintains a more accurate key response compared to its present siblings. Since it takes some time to get use to, I wasn’t too fond of the chatting or email productivity simply because of the keyboards height/angle but may definitely be beneficial to larger hands. Let’s not forget, the price is very affordable for a gaming keyboard which is priced at $99.99 at any of your favorite online retailer’s."

      » Details  Highly Recommended : April 2012

      "My time with the Cooler Master QuickFire Pro and the Brown switches which it uses was a pretty pleasing experience. The keyboard was built pretty solidly and took a fair share of pounding as my twin daughters has their time on it trying to be like daddy. I played several front person shooters while having the board hooked up. And just like the original QuickFire I found the keyboard to be very responsive. The down stroke of the keys didn’t seem to have a lot of travel in them. And there was very little force needed to make a complete stroke. And my wife loved the fact that she didn’t have to heard the clicking sound from me typing as my office is located not far from the family room."

      » Details

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