NotePal I100

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NotePal I100


Coming in at a slender 23mm thickness with a lightweight metal mesh and plastic construction, NotePal I100 claims the crown as one of the slimmest and lightest weight laptop cooling pads available. Even with this low height, it still offers an ergonomic viewing and typing angle.

It also packs a powerful 140mm fan that manages to deliver crucial airflow to cool your laptop while producing almost no noise. These features are rounded out by a thoughtful inclusion of an easy USB cable management system. NotePal I100 is available in Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, and White.

Ultra-Slim Design – Only 23mm thick

An ultra-slim design lets you easily put the NotePal I100 away when not using your notebook.


Curved Surface Design

Curved surface design helps remove hot air while bringing in fresh, cool air to keep your laptop performing well.

Keeps Laptop Cool

A 140mm cooling fan keeps your laptop cool to the touch and is nearly silent.


Two supporting angles

Ergonomically designed for a better viewing and typing angle. Work and play on your laptop for long periods of time without straining your neck, back and wrists. Great for at home or in the office.

Model White : R9-NBC-I1HW-GP
Orange : R9-NBC-I1HO-GP
Green : R9-NBC-I1HG-GP
Pink : R9-NBC-I1HP-GP
Blue : R9-NBC-I1HB-GP
Red : R9-NBC-I1HR-GP
Black : R9-NBC-I1HK-GP
Available Color Black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, white
Material Metal Mesh, Plastic
Weight 0.68 kg / 1.5 lbs
Dimension 350 x 250 x 23~39mm
Fan Dimension 140 x 140 x 15mm
Fan Speed 1200 rpm+/-15%
Fan Speed Adjustment Single speed
Fan Airflow 38 CFM
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 21 dB(A)
Power USB (DC 5V)
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x1
Power consumption 1.1 W
Compatibility Support up to 15.4”
Warranty 1 year
UPC Code White : 884102017896
Orange : 884102017902
Green : 884102017872
Pink : 884102017919
Blue : 884102017889
Red : 884102017858
Black : 884102016981
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      Modders-inc - Must Have : February 2013

      "The Cooler Master Notepal I100 is available in 7 vibrant colors that are sure to appeal to many different personalities and allow folks to have a bit of personal identity flair. It is very lightweight, thin and will accommodate up to a 15.4? laptop / notebook and possibly even a 16? depending on where the laptops rubber feet are. It has it’s on cable storage and will not take away a USB port from your laptop / notebook."

      » Details : January 2013  Cooler Master NotePal I100 Hardward Review



      » Details : December 2012

      "The fan kept itself at a very controlled volume, a feature we truly appreciated. Cooler Master brilliantly added a USB port to their cabling that erases the “one less USB port” concern. The 7 different colors also match any personality and look great. We highly recommend this to any laptop owner looking for a cooler on a budget that is not willing to compromise just to get a bargain."

      » Details
      3dgameman: GREAT : September 2012

      "The Cooler Master Notepal I100 Notebook Cooler fits 15.4" notebooks, includes a quiet 140mm fan, has excellent build quality, styling and looks sharp. It's also available in a number of different colors."



      » Details  Bang for Buck Award : September 2012

      "This is the perfect laptop cooler for somebody with a 15? laptop, that travels from time to time (or a lot), since it’s small, sleek, and extremely portable. The cooling performance was definitely noticeable on my ancient Dell, and may not be AS noticeable on a newer, cooler running laptop — but either way, you cannot go wrong with this extremely simple cooler."

      » Details Recommended : August 2012

      "At the retail value of $19.99, the NotePal I100 is an excellent standard cooling pad. With its simple, functional design, this product serves its purpose without any gimmicks or complication. I recommend the NotePal I100 to any user seeking a very basic and effective product to protect their systems from overheating."

      » Details  Best Value : August 2012

      "The Cooler Master NotePal I100 may not be the most feature rich cooling pad on the market. But it does do what it is advertised to do and that is keeping the temps of your laptop down. And this is done mostly because of the large 140mm cooling fan underneath. And the I100 looks good doing what it supposed to do as Cooler Master offers the cooler in seven mainstream colors. Too top it off the I100 remains very quiet while doing what it supposed to do as it never tops 21 dBA. The I100 also is very light making it easy to fit in a nice size laptop bag to transport around."

      » Details : August 2012

      "There are few products that impress us with their pure simplicity, attention to detail and overall functionality and Cooler Master’s NotePal I100 is one of them. Powered by a high efficiency and virtually silent fan, available in a large number of attractive colors and sold for a budget price of $19.99 (MSRP), NotePal I100 is a mandatory investment in your laptop/notebook reliability. Highly recommended."

      » Details

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